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KCIT (Fox 14 News) is a UHF digital channel which got its affiliation from the fox. Before that it was working as an independent channel. Now it is located in the region of Amarillo in Texas  United States.

Fox 14 News Amarillo is owned by one of the famous broadcasting companies. At the time of the launch, KCIT was launched as the sister channel of KCPN-LP.

The sale of the channel are joint with the sales of two other channels. This contract is still continued, but the sale volume of KCIT is larger than the other two stations.

Watch Fox 14 News Amarillo – KCIT Live Stream

Here you can Watch Fox 14 News Live Stream from Amarillo. There are different ways to approach it. One is to search it on cable. Other is to search for it on the virtual station.

Besides this, there is another source through which user can access it anywhere in the world, and that was through its official website.

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Fox 14 New Amarillo


An Independent Station

Fox 14 News was first launched in the year of 1982 in October on 24. At the time of launch, It is named as KJTV and it has no affiliation. It was working as an independent channel.

KCIT has no counting satellite stations and at that time it is the fourth channel which was launched as the commercial.

In the year 1982, KCIT is the first ever television station which was launched as an independent channel.

It is continuously climbing the ladders of success one by one and after that in the year 1985 Its name was changed & it got its identical name which is KCIT.

Fox Affiliation

It spent four years as an independent channel, but then in the year 1986, an organization named as News Corporation approach it.

At that time, News Corporation offers him to make it as one of the affiliated channels of Fox Broadcasting Company.

Then in the same year, it become the part of the list of affiliated channels of Fox Broadcasting Company. This affiliation becomes very beneficial and the results are all positive even the broadcasting time was also increased.

As late night talk shows are included even the broadcast of Sunday night is extended to three hours even the original schedule was also changed.

After that in the year 1993, the prime-time schedule is the secondary maintained schedule. In the year 1999, it is again sold to the mission broadcasting & the amount paid to it is 13 million dollars.

Further in the year 2013, itbecome the part of the KAMR and KCPN. And till now, these three channels are running together and these are working under the agreement of joint sales.

Digital Channels

Channel Video Aspect PSIP Short Name Programming
14.1 720p 16:9 KCIT-HD Fox/ Main KCIT Programming
14.2 480i 4:3 Grit Grit
14.3 480i 4:3 Escape Escape
14.4 480i 4:3 Bounce Bounce TV


Analog to Digital Conversion

As the technology is changing or transforming is very fast along with this so the things are also converting with the time.

The same thing has happened with the transmission signals. In the past the transmission is carried out with the analog signals but after that digital signals the channel has changed their way of communication.


There is a huge list of programs as most of them are even the schedule of Fox Media Group is copied. On the other side, there are also some of the unique programs which are just available on it.

The People’s Court

It is a reality show based on the real incidents where all the procedure of the court is performed in front of a camera.

Divorce Court

It is also court base shown. In this show only those cases are disused in which people demanded the divorce. In this way, people or the viewers came to know that how to avoid major mistakes, so they live together.

Mike & Molly

Mike & Molly is a famous American sitcom, and it is one of the notorious serials. The only reason behind the broadcast of this sitcom is to refresh the mind of the viewers.

Last Man Standing

This is another sitcom in which there are many thrilling turns, and people get addicted to this sitcom and always wait for the next episode.

Judge Mathis

This show is another court base show, and in this show, many daily bases cases are discussed and tell the people how to obey the rules.