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Fox 15 Abilene (KXVA) is a UHF digital Virtual channel 15. Fox news decided to give the license to My Abilene located in the Abilene at Taxes. The owner of KXVA is Tegna, Inc.

The studio is located in the building of Bank of America at Chestnut Street in the downtown of Abilene.

As every channel need a transmitter for a wide range, so the antenna of Fox 15 Abilene is located in the rural region of southern, western Callahan Country.

The master controls of KXVA are operated from the studios. All the sister channels are also controlled from the same studio.

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List of Sister Channels of KXVA

  • WFAA
  • KVUE
  • KHOU
  • KENS
  • KIII
  • KBMT
  • KIDY


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on June 15, 2000, granted an original construction permit. The reason behind this permit is that they want to found their own Sega Broadcast Company.

Further, the primary reason behind opening a company is that the owners want to build a full power TV station. Which presents its services in serving the regions of Sweetwater, Abilene along with Brownwood market.

This whole process doesn’t take that much time, and the station was built quickly. The launch of this channel was arranged in the year september 2000.

But at the same time, the weather situation goes wrong and the transmitter tower was not built for months. After that, when weather conditions are according to the requirements of the workers than they continue their work.

After facing all these situations, the first show was on air on 9th of January in the year 2001.  Then in the year 2002 on February 13, they got its initial broadcast license.

Then in the year 2008, the owners of this channel sold it to the Bayou City Broadcasting group in three million dollars.

In the year 2012, the Bayou City Broadcasting announce that they want to sell it. But the price was not disclosed. then not even a single buyer is present to buy it.

But the situation was changed in the year 2014. When on May 14 the Gannett Company announced that now the KIDY is their property along with KIDY. They also bought five different London base Broadcasting stations for rupees 215 million dollars.

In this way, this channel 15 comes under the Gannett Company because they buys both the Abilene and KIDY.

Then in the year 2015, it was again sold and from the year 2015 to till now it running under a company named as TEGNA.

Digital TV

Channel Video Aspect PSIP Short Name Programming
15.1 720p 16:9 KXVA-DT Main KXVA Programing
15.2 480i 4:3 KIDZ MyNetworkTV
15.3 480i 16:9 COZI Cozi TV



  • KIDZ-LD 42 Abilene
  • KIDV-LD 34 Albany
  • KIDB-LD 35 Sweetwater
  • KIDT-LD 44 Stamford
  • KIDU-CD 17 Brownwood

Analog To Digital Conversion

As the world is moving towards the modern technology and the technology is getting advanced day by day.

In this era of transformation, this channel also transforms itself from analog transmission to the digital communication in the year 20009 on February 17.

KXVA Live Programs

KXVA is the affiliated channel of Fox, and it has all the rights to broadcast all the programs which are all available on the Fox channel. Even the whole schedule of programming of the Fox is cooped. Some of the famous programs are given below.

The Jerry Springer Show

The Jerry Springer Show is a world-famous American show. The host of this show is Jerry Springer, and the name of is decided after the title of its host.

The People’s Court

The People’s Court is an American reality-based show in which different cases are presented. And the whole procedure of giving justice is performed in front of the camera.

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is a world-famous season and the nature is funny. In this season there is a group of scientist which are dealing with everything amusingly.


Friends is another sitcom and this season cross all the limits of entertainment. In the history of sitcoms, this show is highly rated and the duration is from 1994 to 2004.

White Collar

White Collar is a famous TV show related to the FBI and there are many significant twists in the show like how an FIB agent choose the path of crime.