KBVO TV Austin


KBVO TV Austin virtual channel 14 is affiliated with MyNetworkTV, and the station license is holding by Austin at Taxes in the United States.

Further, this station of KBVO is a license with the LIano and this affiliation improves the service and expands the coverage area.

The owner is Nexstar Media Group which is part of the duopoly, and for being the part of the duopoly, they also has an affiliation with NBC.

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KBVO Live streaming is telecasting here 24/7. The transmitters of KBVO are located in the line of western Austin Farms to the lake of the west hills, and all these transmitters are joined with cables with each other.

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In the year 1973, KXAN expand its range and cover some of the areas of the hill country. At that time the team was trying to open a new channel.

In the year 1970, the company buys a channel numbers 36. Further, in the year 1991, the broadcasting unit of KXAN is signed up LIN and it opened named as KBVO on UFH.

From the year 1991 to the year 2009, it was running as a sub channel of KXAN.  Then on 21 October 2009, they were registered as a separate television station.

In the first era, broadcast was limited to certain areas and then after the progress of few years, the time of transmission was also increased.

In 2014, they were allowed to run the programs of CW and then in the same year, It was affiliated with the MyNetworkTV.

Then in 2015, the powers of transmitters are increased by 75 watts. In the result of this, they started covering the whole region of Austin and till now this transmission is continued.

Now the team is working to increase the power of the transmitters to maximum 15.000 watts.

Further, in the year 2016, it was acquired by the Nexstar Media Group and the shares are open. The value of per share is 17.14 dollars, and the total amount set was 4.6 billion dollars.

Famous Programs

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