KENV launched on March 27, 1997 is a VHF digital station owned by Cunningham Broadcasting and has affiliation with Comet TV. Sinclair Broadcast Group, the company behind Comet TV under joint sales and shared services agreements operates the channel. It is headquartered on the campus of Great Basin College at 1025 Chilton Circle in Elko while transmitter is installed at Grindstone Mountain. Though having a separate identity, it was operated by a semi-rebroadcaster KRNV-DT@Ch4 based in Reno.

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KENV until 2018 has served as NBC affiliated station in the Salt Lake City linked with Nevada. It would simulcast the NBC programming and syndicated content shared to it by KRNV however, the commercials morning news-bulletins and legal identifications remained separate. Most of the facilities are under the control of KENV-DT but the master control and internal operations are run through KRNV’s facilities based in Vassar Street in Reno. KUTV, KMYU, KJZZ-TV and KRNV are the siblings of the station licensed to Elko, Nevada.


It first singed on air on April 18, 1973 as a relay transmitter of KTVN: Ch2 affiliated with CBS in Reno. Assigned the calls: KEKO-TV, the channel remained off air between Jan 1974 and June 1975. That time owner Washoe Empire reported to FCC about the destruction of transmitter and other equipment by fire on Dec 23, 1975. Federal Communications Commission in response granted the temporary use KTVN translator to run the channel on April 14, 1976. The owner Washoe Empire requested for the revoking of license on April 8, 1977 which concluded on March 18, 1977.

Affiliation with NBC

Sunbelt Broadcasting Company on June 26, 1995 received a construction permit from Federal Communications Commission to set up a television service in Elko. Originally granted effective radiated power for the transmitter was 0.790 kW however, Sunbelt which later became intermountain West Communications Company, in July 1996, requested a change for the transmitter side and increase of ERP to 3.09 kW in permit which was granted on Jan 29, 1997.

It went on air as only full power station in Elko: KENV which would be a semi-satellite KRNV. It would expand the NBC’s coverage through KRNV in Reno into Northeastern Nevada.

Sinclair Broadcast Group on Nov 22, 2013 announced that they are acquiring the non-licensed assets of the station for a USD 26m. Later on Dec 19, 2013, another announcement came about the acquisition of KENV and KRNV for USD 6.5m by Cunningham Broadcasting. As per the FCC rules Sinclair already having a duopoly in the Salt Lake City DMA, couldn’t acquire the stations as it owned KUTV and KMYU in the area. The sale was concluded on Jan 9, 2018 after FCC approval on Sep 22, 2017.

Disaffiliation with NBC and Affiliation with Comet

KENV after announcing their separation with NBC on Dec 14, 2017 became a Sinclair owned Comet network affiliate on Jan 1, 2018 as their affiliation with NBC expired on Dec 31, 2017. The Channel 10 also decided to close its news department down. After separation with KENV, NBC was left with KSL-TV as the only affiliate in Salt Lake City market.

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