KEYU Borger

KEYU Borger, Texas

KEYU is a Telemundo affiliated television station and licensed to Borger, Texas. Raycom Media has owned the station and studios are located on Broadway Drive in northern Amarillo. It shares the studio with CBS affiliate KFDA-TV. The station was founded on 6 February 1998 and its first show aired 14 years ago in 2004.

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     “Siempre al pendiente de usted (Always Looking Out For You)”


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Equity Broadcasting Corporation was the founder and owner of the station.  In 2004 the station first time signed on the air. Originally it was operated by Univision and became first Amarillo television station affiliated with Spanish Language network. . Equity decided on 25 June 2008 that it would sell out the station with other low power stations to Luken Communications for $25 million but, the sale price reduces to $17.5. According to Retro Television Network, the stations want to add an RTN affiliate on DT3. On 4 January 2009, RTN decided to remove equity owned station as a result of issues with Luken. In 2009, Drewry Communication Group decided to purchase the station, along with other three Amarillo LPTV stations. The network’s operation relocated on Broadway Drive in northern Amarillo. Raycom Media announced the deal of purchasing the eight station including KEYU-FM on 10 August 2015.  In Amarillo, the studio facility located on South Kentucky StreetThe deal was done in $160 million and the sale completed on 1 December. So, it became full power Spanish language station under the ownership of Raycom.



KEYU is a Spanish language television and carries broadcasting in the Spanish language. It brings all kind of programming such as news, drama series, reality show, animated series etc. A list of shows has given below in the table, have a look at it.

Falsa Identidad

It is a drama series of two strangers who flee from their past to escape their enemies.

Titulares y más

It is a late night talk show, focuses on the world of sports and entertainment.

Caso Cerrado

It is a court show in which marital issues deal like child abuse case and violence.

Sr.No Programs Category
1 Noticias Telemundo News
2 Titulares y más Chat Show, Variety Show
3 Kung Fu Panda 3 Animated Series
4 Suelta la sopa TV program
5 Caso cerrado Court Show
6 La Otra Mujer Film
7 Perro Amor Telenovela (Soap opera)
8 RED Thriller/Action film
9 Mujeres ambiciosas Telenovela
10 Falsa Identidad Drama Series
11 Decisiones Anthology




                           Digital Availability
Main KEYU programming Channel 31.1
Heroes&Icons Channel 31.2
Ion Channel 31.3