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KMOH-TV owned by HC2 Holdings is a an América TeVé affiliate operating in Kingman, AZ. It is headquartered in McCullough Boulevard in Lake Havasu City while transmitter is installed at Black Mountain near Otaman. KEJR-LD is the translator that spreads the station in Phoenix.

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Sub-channels: 6.1/40.1 América TeVé

40.2 Infomercials




KMOH-TV on April 8, 1995 got the construction permit to operate a station on VHF Ch 6 in Kingman under the ownership of Grand Canyon Television Co. The originally planned transmission facilities were to be installed at Hualapai Peak operating with an ERP of 10 kW. The transmitter site was shifted to Black Mountain and effective radiated power was augmented to 100 kW, maximum for a low-band VHF channel, in Aug 1986. It went on air on Feb 22, 1988 and formally received licensing on June 1, 1988.

It maintained its independent English language television service station from late 80’s to early 90’s while producing its own local news-bulletins. However, this changed when it became an affiliate of The WB in Sep 1995. In July 1996, it became an American Independent Network in July 1996 while also becoming a Network One (N1) affiliate sometime later. By May 1997, it was maintaining a WB affiliation before the Gannet Company purchased it alongside Flagstaff-based KNAZ. Under the ownership of Gannett, the station was turned into a satellite of Phoenix-based KPNX: Ch 12. The move seemed redundant as the channel was already operating through cable in the Kingman area.

Bela Broadcasting in Aug 2004 in a move to expand its Spanish-language reach in the area bought KMOH form Gannet and converted the service into a Spanish language broadcaster airing almost the same stuff as its Oxnard sibling KBEH in California. Bela through Kingman desired to thrown signals into the Phoenix and Las Vegas markets both of which were seen as a home to large Hispanic Habitats. Cox Communications went against the move of Bela to materialize must-carry cable coverage in Phoenix by applying against the move to FCC. Federal Communications Commission gave its verdict in the favor of Cox by excluding the station rom 16-Phoenix area-communities. KMOH tried to put some fight by following up a legal battle but couldn’t win their case as their service lacked local programming propagated for the Phoenix audiences. KQBN-LP was purchased by Bela in Nov 2005 to immediately convert it into a KMOH translator in Phoenix area; the services were branded as KMOH6 and KEJR 43 Phoenix.

Bela converted its Spanish language independent stations into the affiliates of MTV Tr3́s on Nov 27, 2006. In Jan 2008 KEJR and KMOH were released to Hero Broadcasting. The two siblings then became of MundoFox network upon its launch on Aug 1, 2012. MundoFox was rebranded as MundoMax in 2015 and got closed later on Dec 1, 2016; KEJR-LD and KMOH-TV then got linked with América TeVé. Hero Broadcasting on Dec 29, 2017 transferred its asset to HC2 Holdings; the deal consummated on June 18, 2018.

Audiences can have the station online for the Spanish language news and entertainment programming. Here is the website: