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KTAV California

KTAV launched on Sep 23, 1992 is a station owned by Almavision Hispanic Network Inc. and is licensed to Altadena. The Christian Network affiliate uses Digital Ch 46 and Virtual Ch 35 for its broadcasts in the city. Its analog dial was Ch 69 before it turned digital and moved to Ch 46 as KATV-LD. The Low power station started its journey as a translator K31DN @ Channel 31 in Sep 1992 before getting assigned to K68FR for Ch 68 in April 1998 and finally K24F in March 2001 for Channel 24. There are eight subchannels in use by KTAV namely 35.1 Almavision, 35.8 Almavision Radio 2 , 35.4 Almavision NiƱos, 35.2 Guide US TV, 35.5 Cornerstone Television, 35.8 Almavision Radio 1, 35.3 The Way TV and 35.6 RoadMediaTv. You can watch the Spanish language broadcaster online for news and entertainment programming and can also connect with it using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms.

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