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KTXA TV Texas - Channel 21

KTXA is an independent television station and licensed to Fort Worth, Texas. CBS Corporation is the owner of the station.  It shares the studio with KTVT which also owned and operated by CBS and headquarters located on Bridge Street, east of downtown Fort Worth and transmitter on Tar Road in Cedar Hill. The station founded in 1980 and the first show aired 38 years ago on 6 October 1980. The call sign meaning of network is “TeXas Arlington, TeXAs, TeXas America”.

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“Courts, Cash, Comedy”


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The station signed on the air on 6 October 1980 as an independent station. Grant Broadcasting was the founder of the station and studio facilities located on Randol Mill Road. It became full-time general entertainment station in 1983 and telecasted classic movies and off-network drama series.  In 1982, Grant Broadcasting signed on KTXH in Houston. Both station of Grant Broadcasting sale out to Gulf Broadcasting in 1984 and in the same year, purchased by Taft Television and Radio Company. It worked as Channel 21 Kids Club from 1985 to 1989.

It remained unprofitable throughout the year of the 1980s but, Taft kept strong programming on the network. Taft sold the independent stations to the TVX Broadcast Group in February 1987 and sale completed on 1 April 1987. Paramount Pictures purchased some network of TVX in 1989 and after two years on 28 February 1991, acquired all remaining TVX stations and kept company name Paramount Stations Group. During this period, the station branding as “Paramount 21”. In 1994, Viacom got the station as a part of Paramount Pictures and in this time operations moved from Paramount Building in the West End district of downtown Dallas.  It became UPN affiliated station on 16 January 1995 and changed branding to “UPN 21”.

In July 1995, it affiliated with CBS, but some programming could not air due to the heavy schedule. In 1996, Viacom got 50 % stake in the network from Chris Craft industries, and at this time, it also became a UPN owned and operated a station. In 2000, Viacom purchased the CBS programming and made sister channel of KTVT. So, the operations of both stations moved from Paramount Building to Fort Worth. It served the de facto UPN affiliate market in the early 2000s. Warner Bros and CBS Corporation decided to shut down the WB and UPN, on 24 January 2006. The station returned to the independent station from CBS.  On 5 May 2006, it branding in two phases “ TXA 21” and launched a promotional campaign called “ What Could It Mean?”, So the star-shaped logo appeared on building, sidewalks, billboards in the Metroplex area, and logo of the network unveiled on 4 July. On 16 September 2006, it became an independent station.  The operation of the station moved at North Central Expressway on 26 August 2013 but, it purchased by Avila Hotels. So the primary studio facility remains at Bridge Street in East Fort Worth. It rebranded as “ Texas 21” in November 2018 with new shaped logo and previous star 21 logos.



It offers news program, talk shows, sitcoms, game shows, reality show and all another type of entertainment. A list of shows is given below in the table, have a look at it.

How I Met the Mother

It is a story of 27 years old Ted Mosby who narrates the story of how he met his mother.

Sr. No Programs Category
1 Jeopardy! Game Show
2 Right This Minute Viral Video

news magazine

3 Comics Unleashed Talk show
4 Life Today With James Robison Televangelist program
5 How I Met Your Mother Sitcom, Romantic Comedy
6 The People’s Court Reality Court Show
7 Rules of Engagement Sitcom
8 Hot Bench Court Show
9 Family Guy Animated Sitcom
10 The King of Queens Sitcom



                           Digital Availability
Main KTXA programming Channel 21.1
MeTV Channel 21.2