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KTXS-TV is the most famous virtual channel & the digital code of KTXS-TV is 20. Virtual channel 12 is affiliated with the ABC media group as ABS is a globally renowned news channel.

The headquarter is located in Abilene at Texas in the United States. The license provider is Sweetwater, and Sinclair Broadcast Group owns it. KTXS-TV News Live Stream is available on this website 24/7.

The maintenance studios are located in the North Clack Street in Abilene. Further, its transition station is situated near Trent in the region of Texas.

The broadcasting service is counted in the list of best virtual channels which are broadcasted from Texas. There are two type of KTXS channel, one is KTXS-TV as this one is relayed on a low power satellite stations and due to this in some regions, its service is not that good.

Now on the other side, KTXS-LD is relayed on high power satellite stations and its digital channel code is 38. The location of KTXS-LD is San Angelo, and it’s all operations are controlled from here.

Watch KTXS-TV News Live Stream Abilene

Watch online KTXS-TV 12 News Live streaming telecasting from Abilene from Texas, United stated of America. It is working 24/7 to provide you best quality stream.


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KTXS-TV News Live Stream



KTXS-TV network was first ever signed in January.  At the time of broadcast its name was KTXS-TV. In the past, it was part of KDUB-TV which was a West Texas Television Network and now this channel is known as KLBK-TV and it is located in Lubbock.

In the starting era, it was affiliated with the CBS network and secondary option of affiliation  was ABC and now it is affiliated with ABC.

During the period of late 1950 century, it was affiliated with the NTA Film Network. The first studio was built in the eastern edge of Sweetwater, and at the time the broadcast was not of 24 hours. It broadcast starts from the 6 PM newscast.

The channel also faces many ups and downs as in the rea of 1968 to the year 1971. There are four different incidents happen when the Grayson is on the edge of losing It.

Grayson Enterprises bought KTXS-TV News in the year 1960 and they opened its studio in the region of Abilene in the same year. As the time moves on, It faces many crises. But, after a certain period, it stands on its feet when in the year 1979 it dropped its affiliation from CBS and started working under the association of ABC and till now this affiliation is continued.

As the journey of success continues and in these multiple years, the owner Sinclair Broadcast Group announced that on April 21, 2017, they bought the Bonten stations in 240 million dollars. And the sale was completed in the same year on September 1, 2017.

Coverage Area

KTXS-TV has the largest area covered by it as compared to its range in the history. Now It is available in 16 different countries. This is the list of 16 countries in which it is available.

  • Taylor
  • Callahan
  • Nolan
  • Coleman
  • Runnels
  • Brown
  • Shackelford
  • Stephens
  • Jones
  • Fisher
  • Eastland
  • Scurry
  • Haskell
  • Mitchell
  • Knox
  • Stonewall

These all countries are located in the region of Texas. Further moving on, KTXE-LD is also available in the four different countries and these countries are the state of Texas and come under San Angelo market.

  • Tom Green
  • McCulloch
  • Coke
  • Concho

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