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WVEC launched on Sep 19, 1953 is an ABC affiliate broadcasting in Hampton, Virginia. It serves Hampton Road area of Southeastern Virginia and northeaster North Carolina. Tegna Inc. is the owner of station with studios located on West Brambleton Avenue in Norfolk. Transmitter are installed Driver neighborhood of Suffolk, Virginia.

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WVEC got launched on Sep 19, 1953 as an NBC station and was owned by Peninsula Broadcasting Corporation. Thomas P. Chrisman and other stockholders were among the co-owners. The group also has ownership over WVEC 1490 AM. It switched affiliation to become an ABC affiliate in 1959 as WAVY joined NBC two years after its launch. The channel was also linked with NTA Film Network for a short period of time. It switched from its UHF tuning to become a VHF Channel 13 station on Nov 13, 1959. The UHF 15 was assigned to WHRO, a Public Broadcasting Service member to years later. Chisman the released the service to Corinthian Broadcasting in 1980; Corinthian was a part of Dun & Bradstreet. At the time of transfer, it was the last locally O&O Big three service broadcasting from Hampton Roads. After four years, Dun released its unit to Belo which already had ownership over Dallas Morning News and WFAA. WVEC launched LNC4 in 1997, the 24-hour cable news would bring rebroadcasts of WVEC newscasts and while simulcasting 10:00 pm newscast. Cox Communications carried the service on Ch 5 in the Hampton Roads area. LNC5’s reliance over the time decreased and it eventually went silent on Dec 31, 2010. Local news-bulletins were launched in Jan 2008 in HD though not completely but were converted to match HD ratio. It became a true HD service in 2013 after upgrades. Gannett Company on June 13, 2013 announced its plan to acquire Belo and took control of it on Dec 23, 2013. In Aug 2014 Gannet split into two groups; the broadcasting assets including WVEC came under the role of Tegna, Inc.

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