KFDM Texas

KEDT Corpus Christi

KEDT owned by South Texas Public Broadcasting System, Inc. is a PBS member station launched on Oct 16, 1972 and is located on South...
KTTZ Texas - PBS

KTTZ Lubbock

KTTZ-TV owned by Texas Tech University is a Lubbock, TX based news channel broadcasting since Oct 1962. KTTZ-FM and KTXT-FM are the radio siblings...
KPTB-DT Lubbock, TX

KPTB-DT Lubbock

KPTB-DT launched on April 28, 1995 is a Lubbock, TX based station owned by Prime Time Christian Broadcasting and broadcasting on UHF Ch 16....
PBS Texas

KLRN San Antonio

KLRN owned by Alamo Public Communications is a San Antonio channel first launched on Sep 10, 1962 and is located on Broadway Street in...
Channel 18 Texas

KPTF-DT Farwell

KPTF-DT established in April 2001 is a Farwell, Texas-based religious channel affiliated with God’s Learning Channel held by Prime Time Christian Broadcasting of Odessa,...
GLC Texas

KMLM-DT Odessa

KMLM-DT launched on Oct 18, 1988 is a religious television channel owned by Prime Time Christian Broadcasting and is linked with God’s Learning Channel....
KUPB Midland, TX

KUPB Midland

KUPB launched on May 14, 2001 is a Univision affiliate broadcasting from Midland, TX and is active in Permian Basin area. Entravision Communications is...
PBS Texas

KPBT Odessa

KPBT owned by Permian Basin Public Telecommunications, Inc is a PBS member affiliate active in Odessa-Midland, Texas. Launched on March 24, 1986 the station...

WPTA Fort Wayne

WANE Fort Wayne

WEHT Evansville

WFIE Evansville

WISE-TV Fort Wayne