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    Channel 13 California
    Fox9 California
    KCBS-TV California - Channel 2

    CBS 2 Los Angeles

    CBS 2 or CBS Los Angeles established in June 1931 is a Los Angeles, California based station owned by CBS Television Stations which in...
    Channel 4 California

    KLCS Los Angeles

    KLCS is a Los Angeles-based station in the ownership of Los Angeles Unified School District and is used for educational purposes. The not-for-profit service...
    NBC 4 News California

    KNBC News Los Angeles

    KNBC News is a NBC O&O station based in Los Angeles, California. NBCUniversal division: NBC Owned Television Stations had the ownership to the channel...
    ION Media Pasadena, California

    KILM Channel 64 Los Angeles

    KILM Channel 64 operating in Los Angeles  is an Ion Media Networks station which it owns through its network Ion Life. It shares duopoly...
    KTAV California

    KTAV Altadena

    KTAV launched on Sep 23, 1992 is a station owned by Almavision Hispanic Network Inc. and is licensed to Altadena. The Christian Network affiliate...
    KCET-TV Los Angeles, California

    KCET-TV SoCal

    KCET is a non-profit and non-affiliated station based in Los Angeles, California. First aired on Sep 28, 1964, the channel is owned by Public...
    KABC-TV Los Angeles, California

    ABC 7 Los Angeles

    ABC 7 also known as KABC-TV through it calls is an ABC owned station licensed to the city of Los Angeles, CA. ABC Owned...
    KHTV Channel 9 Anytown, California

    KHTV Channel 9 Anytown

    KHTV Channel 9 Anytown launched on Oct 22, 1993 is a Class A TV Los Angeles station under the ownership of Max Forzan. Licensed...
    Channel 27 California

    KNLA Los Angeles

    KNLA owned by NRJ TV LLC is a Los Angeles station that broadcasts on Channel 20 and Channel 50. Transmitter of the station is...
    KTBN California

    KTBN-TV Santa Ana

    KTBN-TV is a Christian television station that launched on Jan 5, 1967 and is owned by Trinity Broadcasting Network. O&O by TBN, the station...