WCNY-TV - PBS - Channel 24 New York
7 News/ Fox 28 - WNYF Watertown -

WWNY-TV Carthage

WWNY-TV (Channel 7) is a CBS affiliated television, based in Carthage, New York. WWNY-TV (Channel 7) is serving Watertown as well as New York...
Channel 31 New York

WPXN-TV New York City

WPXN-TV (Channel 31) is a flagship station, affiliated with Ion Television and based in New York. Ion Media (License Company, LLC) is operating this...
NBC 4 New York - Channel 4

WNBC (NBC 4 New York)

WNBC (NBC 4 New York) or Channel 4 is a flagship station of NBC and serving metropolitan area of New York. NBC Universal owns...

WWTI Watertown

WWTI (Channel 50) is an ABC affiliated channel, based in Watertown, New York. The studios located at Stateway Plaza and Nexstar Media group owned...
Channel 49 New York

WNYO-TV Buffalo

WNYO-TV (Channel 49) is affiliated with My Network TV and licensed to Buffalo, New York. It was established on 15 February 1984 by TVX...
WPXJ-TV Channel 51 Buffalo, New York - ION Television

WPXJ Channel 23 Buffalo

WPXJ Channel 23 (Channel 51) is an ion television and based in Batavia, New York. Ion Media Networks is the owner and serving this...
TCT - WNYB Buffalo, New York - Channel 26

WNYB-TV Jamestown

WNYB-TV (Channel 26) is a station provides programs nationally and internationally. WNYB based in Jamestown city of New York and TRi state Christian Television...
Channel 20 - CNY New York

WUTR Utica

WUTR (Channel 20) is an ABC-affiliated television, licensed to Utica, New York. WUTR (Channel 20) is serving Central Upstate New York’s Mohawk Valley. Mission...

WCEF Plattsburgh

WCFE Plattsburgh is PBS affiliated television station, licensed to Plattsburgh, New York. WCFE-TV is owned by Mountain Lake Public Telecommunications Council, that’s why the station...
Channel 13 New York

WNET Manhattan

WNET Manhattan (Channel 13) is a non-commercial educational public television, licensed to New York and well known as “ THIRTEEN”. WNET (Channel 13) established...