WPBS-DT Watertown

WPBS-DT Watertown, New York

WPBS-DT (Channel 16) is PBS affiliated television station, licensed to Watertown and serving the North Country of New York State. The station is operating a full-time satellite service with call letters WNPI-DT, authorized to Norwood. The Network has a large number of viewers in Canada, Ottawa, Ontario and Kingston. St. Lawrence Valley Educational Television Council, Inc. has ownership of the station. The first show of WPBS-DT aired in August 1971. The call letter meaning of WPBS is “Watertown Public Broadcasting Service” and, WNPI means “Watertown Norwood Public Instruction”.

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Watch WPBS-DT online streaming from Watertown, New York. WPBS-DT is a home of news, events, community programming, educational content, kids programs and more. Stream may take a moment to load.

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   “The Two Nation Station” or “Your Two Nation station”



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In 1958, St Lawrence Valley Educational Television Council, Inc. organized, which produced educational television programming affiliated with CBS. The station founded as an independent station in 1971 with call letters WNPE-TV.

Its full-time satellite WNPI started after a few months. The studio was located at Champion hill Location and then moved in Watertown in 1978. WNPE became one of most successful PBS stations in America due to a large number of Canadian viewers. The call letters WPBS was purchased from a radio station in the late 1990s and changed on 1 September 1998.

PBS call signs are the reflection of the station affiliation, and programming. In July 2009, Rogers Cable announced that WPBS would replace via fiber optic cable WTVS in Ottawa. For that purpose, the Facebook campaign started called “Save WPBS in Ottawa”. Rogers reconsider its decision due to this, and on 30 July 2009 decided that WPBS will provide fiber optic broadcast for Rogers from Buffalo, New York that serves in London, Ontario’s area viewers.



WPBS offers a variety of programming in New York as well as in the surrounding region. A list of famous programming of the station has given below in the table, Have a look at it.

PBS News Hour

It is a daily evening news program which provides depth covering news of current events.

Rough Cut with Fine Woodworking

It is a woodworking program in which they show how to craft wood for table, chairs, and cabinets.

Sr. No Programs Category
1 Midsomer Murders Crime drama

Mystery fiction

2 Commander Crime drama
3 Washington Week Public Affairs Program
4 Antiques Roadshow TV Series
5 Martha Bakes Lifestyle and cooking show
6 Breaking Big TV Series
7 Steven Raichlen’s Project Fire Cookbook
8 American Woodshop Home Improvement show
9 Rough Cut With Fine Woodworking Woodworking
10 Ask This Old House Home improvement
11 A Craftsman’s Legacy Documentary
12 Great Performances Performing Arts
13 PBS NewsHour News magazine



          Digital Availability of WPBS-DT
Main programming/PBS Channel 16.1
Create Channel 16.2


Channel 16.3
PBS Kids Channel 16.4
           Digital Availability of WNPI-DT
Main programming/PBS Channel 18.1
Create Channel 18.2


Channel 18.3
PBS Kids Channel 18.4