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UniMás Arizona

KFTU-DT branded as UniMás 34 is a Spanish language news station licensed to Douglas and O&O by UniMás. The station operates in Tucson, AZ and shares duopoly with Green Valley-based KUVE-DT. The studios are located on Forbes Boulevard in Tucson while transmitter is maintained on Juniper Flats Road northwest of Bisbee.

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KFTU-CD is a low-power transmitter of the station that rebroadcasts KFTU-DT as its signal strength is not strong enough to cover all of Tucson. Another digital sub-channel KFTU-DT also rebroadcast the station across market; the transmitter operates from Mount Bigelow. Similarly KUVE is rebroadcasted on its second digital sub-channel while most of the KUVE and KFTU operations and Master Control are run from studios of KTVW-DT located on 30th Street in southern Phoenix.

Like Flagstaff-based KFPH-DT the station is branded as UniMás 34. Cox Communications carries the station via cable on Channel 60.

Sisters: KUVE-DT

Sub-Channels: 3.1 UniMás

3.2 Univision


KFTU-DT was launched as KBGF in June 1998 after securing a construction permit on April 8, 1998. The channel upon its launch was owned by New York-based Winstar Broadcasting Corp. however, was sold to Douglas Broadcasting in Dec 1999. The subsidiary of Equity Broadcasting of Little Rock, Arkansas started structuring the station and filed for construction permit in April 2001. At the same time KBGF was put on air under program test authority. It was then released to Univision in Oct 2001 where the calls of the station were changed to KFTU in Jan 2002. The service filed for a license to cover the construction on Feb 4, 2004, after spending 3 years under Program Test Authority.


KFTU-CD traces its history back to Aug 26, 1991 when Ponyland Broadcasting succeeded in obtaining a construction permit for a an LP service that would serve Tucson under calls: K25EA. However, despite the grant of permit, the station couldn’t launch timely prompting Federal Communications Commission to delete the calls in 1993. It was restored in Aug 1994 while receiving the initial license on Aug 29, 1994. The calls were changed to KTAZ-LP on Dec 18, 1996. Venture Technologies (formerly Ponyland Broadcasting) would sale the station to Douglas Broadcasting which subsequently released the channel to Univision in Sep 2001. After the establishment of Telefutura network’s launch in Jan 2002, it separated itself from Home Shopping Network. At the same time KTAZ became a Class A channel and was renamed as KTAZ-CA on March 1, 2002. It disaffiliated with Fox in May 2002 when KMSB moved to UHF Ch 34. Under Univision the calls were chanted to KFTU-CA on Nov 6, 2004 to coincide its identity the main Douglas station. The calls were changed to KFTUD-DT on March 19, 2012 following the digital transition. The old KTAZ calls once again became alive in 2006 with the launch of Telemundo Arizona station.


The Univision Arizona station is a source of latest news, weather, sports and entertainment programming in Spanish. The Latino audience can watch Arizona-based service online and follow the channel on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Here is the website: https://www.univision.com/local/arizona-ktvw