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KSAZ-TV Phoenix, AZ

Fox 10 Phoenix aka KSAZ-TV is a Fox O&O station (via Fox Television Stations) serving the Phoenix area sharing duopoly with KUTP affiliated with MyNetworkTV: Ch 45. The siblings share space on West Adams Street in Downtown Phoenix. The transmitter is installed on South Mountain on the South side of the city. As much as 20 translators throw the service in Northern Arizona.

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History (CBS Affiliation)

Gene Autry who also owned KOOL 960 AM (later KKNT) acquired the license for a commercial television from FCC; the license would to a partnership of Autry and a group consisting of Prairie Farmer newspaper owners. Prior to that both groups have fiercely competed for the construction permit but avoided the litigation in favor of share operation on Oct 24, 1953. Under the agreement, the two parties would own separate airtime for KOY and KOOL, however using the same channel and transmitter with CBS as its prime affiliate.

KOOL-TV in May 1954 after paying USD 200,000 to the owners of newspaper took full control of the service to end the share-time arrangement. It lost its affiliation to KTVK when the latter was launched in Feb 1955; KOOL then became an exclusive CBS affiliate. The Gene Autry’s Melody Ranch started to air after the end of post-freeze shared-time agreement. Tom Chauncey who held the biggest Arabian horse ranch in Phoenix had the minority stake with Autry in the Channel 10 which was later sold to Gulf Broadcasting. Autry’s company released its asset to Gulf Broadcasting in 1982 which employed the new calls: KTSP. KTSP was then purchased by Taft Broadcasting in 1984; the company following a spun off became Great American Broadcasting. It once again experienced restructuring when it applied for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in a local court; Citicasters was the new corporate name and call letters were changed to KSAZ on Feb 12, 1994.

Affiliation with Fox

The bankrupt Citicasters then sold the station and its three other siblings to New World Communications on May 5, 1994; the deal consummated on Sep 9, 1994. 18 days after the completion of deal, New World announced the switch of affiliation of 12 of its 15 assets from Big Three network to Fox.

News Corporation acquired New World Communications in July 1996 to take over 12 of the Fox-affiliated stations; the unification completed on Jan 22, 1997 following which KSAZ formally became a Fox O&O television.

At present KSAZ hosts 62.5 hours of locally produced news-bulletins each week. Troy Hayden is the notable host. You can watch the station online for news and weather sports updates, traffic reports, videos, contests and more. Follow the Channel 10 on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Here is the website:



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