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Channel 24 Texas

KCEB launched on July 27, 2003 is a Longview, TX station owned by HC2 Holdings. It mainly broadcasts paid programming and has offices and transmitter located with Shreveport-based ABC linked channel KTBS-TV near Mooringsport, Louisiana.

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The channel hit the waves on July 27, 2003 as a United Paramount Network affiliate. Initially operating as a full-power broadcast relay station of LP televisions KLPN-LP and KTPN-LP. It was collectively branded a s UPN 58/54/48. Analog transmitter facilities were located northwest of Longview at the intersection of State Highway 300. The trio lost the affiliation to CBS affiliate KYTX on Jan 1, 2006 which would broadcast the station on its second digital sub-channel. It immediately moved to The WB and on-air branding was changed to CW/54/5. KCEB was acquired by London Broadcasting Company on Nov 6, 2009 which also owned KYTX.

Before the acquisition of license assets by London, the company operated the service under SSA. The deal consummated on Aug 31, 2010 and it swapped its affiliations with KYTX in May 2012 to become MeTV station. Its second digital sub-channel aired The CW Plus content. Gannet on May 14, 2014 revealed the plans to acquire KYTX and five other London Broadcasting channels but the deal fell through. It then agreed on a channel sharing agreement with Shreveport-based ABC affiliate KTBS on March 28, 2018. KCEB converted from analog to digital mode on June 12, 2009.


It as MeTV affiliate used to preempt some part of its programming including Kids and classical programs, religious programs and news. It would also rebroadcast KYTX’s morning news-bulletin. Audiences can watch the Tyler-Longview television online and follow it on Facebook and Twitter. Here is the website:www.hc2.com/