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KFLA-LD California - Channel 8

KFLA, first signed on air on October 17, 2007, is a Los Angeles station owned by KFLA Television operating in the City of Los Angeles. At present, the Subchannels operated by it include Cheddar @ Ch 8.4, Corner Store TV @ 8.1 Jewelry Television @ 8.5, BizTV and The Zuus Country Television @ 8.2. The digital LP station is available on VHF Ch 8 and is the first one located at Mount Wilson to use digital signal for its broadcasts. Since Oct 2018, the former subs at 8.3 and 8.6, Retro TV and Revn respectively show colour bars. Both have been off air since Oct 2017.

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Indian Wells Valley TV Booster was the first owner of the station and was also involved in over the air reception of KCAL-TV in the valley area. Roy William Mayhugh acquired the station on Jan 17, 2005 and shifted the low power channel to its present-day dial. After moving to Blue Ridge Mountain, the operations were converted flash-cut to digital television on May 3, 2006 and for the time being aired KCET. It got affiliated with America One to broadcast on 8.1 after moving to Mount Wilson on Oct 17, 2007. The entertainment channel was changed from WSTV to RTV on April 1, 2010. Federal Communications Commission on Jan 10, 2011 granted KFLA-LD a Special Temporary Authority to operate Ch 52, an out of core station, to bypass interference thrown by San Diego-based KFMB. The channel announced to get back to VHF Channel 8 as all non-core stations would become ineffective by the end of 2011. Other LP stations categorized in Class A and translators were also to be converted to digital by 2015.

You can watch the station online and follow it on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Here is the website: www.kfla.tv



Address: KFLA-LD Channel 8

701 Perdew Avenue

Ridgecrest, CA 93555

Email: roy@mayhugh.com