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KIII launched on May 4, 1964 is an ABC television broadcasting in Corpus Christi, TX and is held by Tegan Inc. The studios of the channel are located on South Padre Island Drive in Corpus Christi with transmitter installed near Robstown, Texas. Charter Spectrum and Grande Communications carry KIII on channel 5 on cable.

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KIII started is operations as KVDO-TV in 1954 and occupied channel 22 for transmission in Corpus Christi market as tis maiden television service. It was a primary DuMont network affiliate but also has secondary linkage with CBS and NBC which it lost to KZTV and KRIS respectively. It also had a secondary affiliation with ABC and was one of the stations that moved the court against the authorization of VHF stations in the markets in 1956. When DuMont terminated its operations in 1956 it became an independent service by leaving ABC and went into the hands of South Texas Telecasting Company, owned by H. J. Schmidt, in April 1957. KIII stopped its operations for a brief period of time to reorganize it studios but couldn’t launch and its studios was purchased by KRIS in Nov 1957.

KDVO got dormant as it started to suffer in the presence of VHF channels in the market and therefore applied for a VHF channel 3 slot in the market. Federal Communications Commission eventually gave it the license for the asked channel in Dec 1962 but Nueces Telecasting filed a petition against the decision of FCC to eventually withdrew it in June 1963 after receiving USD 40k from South Texas Telecasting.

The channel ended its dormancy on May 4, 1964 when it was relaunched as a fulltime ABC network service which it maintains to the day; the calls were changed to KIII upon the relaunch. South Texas Telecasting in a spin off became McKinnon Broadcasting after adding Clinton D. McKinnon as its major stockholder. It would launch a satellite KXIX in 1969 but sold it in 1976 to some local owner in Victoria. The channel was purchased by London Broadcasting Company on April 29, 2010; the deal completed on Aug 31, 2010. As of Sep 18, 2011, it is airing news in HD. Gannet announced the purchase of the channel in May 2014 and acquired it eventually on July 8, 2015.

It presently broadcasts 2.5 hours of locally news programs with 3.5 hours on weekdays and 2 hrs each on Sat and Sun. Syndicated programs broadcasted by the KIII include Live with Kelly and Ryan, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory and Wheel of Fortune. You can watch the channel online and follow it on Facebook and Twitter. Here is the website: