KMCC Las Vegas

Channel 34 Nevada

KMCC, the virtual 34 (PSIP) and digital 32 (UHF) service under the ownership of Entravision Communications is associated with Aztec America TV Station authorized to Laughlin and reckoning Las Vegas, Nevada and US. It is the sibling station to Las Vegas, authorized to Univision which is affiliated to KINC, low-powdered UniMas and KELV-LD. KMCC’s offices are headquartered in The Boulevard Mall, the unincorporated community of Paradise. Its broadcast relay station is near Dolan Springs, Arizona with second transmitting line near Henderson, Nevada.

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The FCC, supplied a construction permit to Meridian Communications Company, to serve Lake Havasu as full power station on UHF CH34 on 14th May, 1996. KMCC was named a month later previously its call sign was KAUE.

During the process of building the station; July, 1996, the broadcasters affirmed that the area was inadequate for operating as a full power TV station and the alternative site near Oatman couldn’t dispense city grade service due to terrain. By 1999, they requested to shift both the channels to Laughlin, Nevada, with transmitting line at the Oatman site. Later a modification of their proposal was attained which specified transmitter in Laughlin, having a secure affiliation with NBC for non-interference with Las Vegas NBC station.

By June, 2000 the Federal Communications Commission approved the request formally and the broadcast relay station started building in Laughlin. The construction permit for digital companion CH, UHF 32 was allotted on 15th January, 2002 and a special temporary authority was also granted for the broadcast of digital channel with reduced power.
21st August, 2003 marked the initiative of analogue station as KVBC satellite and later on was granted license by 28th May, 2004. Before the grant of license the set up was temporary. The Mojave Broadcasting sold out the KMCC to Cranston II LLC under the supervision n approval of FCC by October, 2004 which was then consummated by July, 2005. The change of ownership changed the language of KMCC too; it changed to Spanish and programmed from TeleFormula. Unfortunately, March 2006 marked the forced reduction of power and later that year in November it switched to MM TV.

KMCC had broadcasting permit for broadcast of UHF CH 32 from almost 40 Km transmitter location of the analogue transmitter. The site is stationed near Dolan Springs, Arizona 1200 meters a top than the analogue site. While the analogue station was serving Mohave Valley from Bullhead City, the digital station wouldn’t only operate in Laughlin but also in central Mohave County, Arizona when fully built and operational and would reach beyond Las Vegas. Cranston requested for the extension of STA until 1st January, 2007. The station broadcasted on STA with approximate coverage of analogue signal at 15 kilowatt by October, 2017.

KMCC transferred to Mega Television on 26th January, 2009 as an independent TV network; Florida based. Change of association of the station was observed on 1st January, 2010. By August 13, 2012 KMCC got affiliated with MundoFox. A music video by the name of TheCoolTV went on air by KMCC in 2015 with some local programs. Later on December, 2016 KMCC shifted to Luken Communications with the demise of MundoMax.
On 1st March, 2017 KMCC’s purchase for 2.75m dollars by Entravision Communications was agreed and it completed on January, 2018. The purchase created a duopoly with Univision and later KMCC became affiliate of Aztec America by January 2018.

Translators: The station which rebroadcast the signals of KMCC is KNBX-CD. The owner of this station was Equity Media Holdings and broadcasted programs from TeleFormula. It aired programs from MTV2 before and was affiliated with The Box until Viacom acquired the acquisition of the network by 2001.