KRBC TV Abilene Texas


KRBC TV Abilene is a UHF digital, and virtual channel 9. It is affiliated with the NBC, and further, the NBC gives the license to the My Abilene in Abilene at Taxes in the United States.

The owner of KRBC-TV station is Mission Broadcasting as Nexstar media Group owns this Mission Broadcasting. Along with KRBC-TV it is also affiliated with the CBS.

Further, this company broadcasts channels at the same time and they share the services along with the joint sales agreements. The studio of these share channels located in the southern portion of 14

The street which is located on the western part of Abilene. Along with this, the transmitter facilities of these share channels located on the Texas State Highway 36 and this Transmitter Facilities in the neighboring of Callahan Country.

Watch KRBC TV Abilene Online Streaming

Besides the UHF digital code, there is another way to approach it and that was through its official website. Here you can watch 24/7 KRBC TV Live Stream.

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KRBC TV Abilene

KRBC TV Abilene is one of the most exciting tales among all the stations which are located in Texas.

It is the first ever TV station which was broadcasted in the region of Texas and the first-ever broadcast takes place in the year of 1953. And the date selected by the authorities for the first ever broadcast was of August 30.

At that time in the year 1953, It is owned by the Ackers Family and this family bought the whole set of communication from the Harte-Hanks Communications.

Further after a gap of a few months, the owners of KRBC also launch their radio station which was introduced as 1470 AM and now it is running as KYYW.

In the year 1962, they signs a contract to share a satellite with the San Angelo who are running the satellite of KRBC.

Further, the Ackers Family holds the rights of broadcast for 44 years, and after that, in the year 1997, they sold it to the Sunrise Television.

Further, in the year 2002, this Sunrise Television merge with LIN Television. And the final decision of these companies is to sell this one. And they announce that they want to sell it.

In the year 2003, the Mission Broadcasting finally buy this channel. And till now it is running under the leadership of Mission Broadcasting.

It also faces many crises like in the year 2007 & its transmission tower completely collapsed in the result of significant ice storm. But the television again stand on its feet and presenting is its service.


KRBC TV Texas has all the rights to broadcast all the shows which are broadcasted on the NBC even the whole schedule was also copied.

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