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Channel 44 - KWBN-TV Honolulu, Hawaii

KWBN established in 1999 is a station owned and operated by Daystar in the city of Honolulu. Reserved for non-commercial use, Channel 44 is comes under Ho’ona’auao Community Television, which is a subsidiary of Daystar Parent Company. The transmitter of the channel is installed in Akupu, Hawaii. On the cable it is available on Oceanic Spectrum via Channel 28. The service remains as one of the six religious stations that operate in Honolulu television market with KKAI, KUPU, KWHE, KALO and KAAH-TV being the other 5. Its allocation channel like KHET and KALO being a non-profit outlet needs the viewer support and donations to run its evangelic services in the Island state.

Watch KWBN Honolulu, HI Stream Live

Watch KWBN-TV online stream from Honolulu, Hawaii. Ho’ona’auao Community Television broadcasts religious programming and Gospel. Stream may take a moment to load.

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In 2009, the channel 44 shifted to Channel 43 as part of the digital conversion campaign. Federal Communications Commission on April 13, 2017, reported that KWBN would move to Channel 26 by April 2019 due to broadcast incentive auction; the relocation was concluded in Dec 2018.

The Award winning Network spreads Word of God and playlists of Gospel during its 24-hours broadcast. Audiences can watch KWBN online for news & info and participate in Prayers and donations. Follow the station on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Instagram.  Here is the website:



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Address: 3901 Hwy 121

Bedford, TX 76021

Tel: 817 571 1229

Fax:  817 571 7458



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Daystar Television Network

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