Weta TV 26 Washington


WETA-TV 26 is a noncommercial educational channel that serves and is licensed to the American capital city Washington, District of Columbia.

This station is affiliated to PBS and is owned by Greater Washington Educational Telecommunications Association. Its transmitter is located in Tenley town in the northwest of Washington, while its studios are in Arlington, Virginia.

WETA-TV’s sister radio station is WETA (90.9 FM). WETA TV’s call letters are abbreviated from its owner Washington Educational Telecommunication Association.

Watch Weta TV 26 Washington Live Stream

watch online WETA TV 26 live streaming that is telecasting from the Washington United States of America. WETA is basically virtual channel 26 and digital channel 27 and has the following subchannels.

3. WETA Kids Channel

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Its first aired in Washington on October 2, 1961. It originally operated from Yorktown High School and later relocated to Howard University.

The channel is one out of the original 242 non-commercial channels allocated across the USA. WETA began full time broadcasting in 1999, and is one of the first channels in the country to offer digital sub channels.

Famous Programs

Sesame Street

A phenomenal combination of live action, sketch comedy, puppetry, and animation. Sesame Street created by Joan Ganz Cooney and Lloyd Morrissett is a cultural and educational television series.

It is equally popular among children and adults since 1966. With about 48 seasons, Sesame Street has been a successful program entertaining millions of viewers.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

An American-Canadian animated television series for children by Mister Roger’s Neighborhood.

Revolving around animated characters, in a neighborhood of make-believe, it is an adorable entertainer for kids.

It is also aired on WETA Kids Channel and has 3 seasons.

Splash and Bubbles

An extraordinary life under the sea and its interesting facts. It’s a sort of educational computer animation TV program designed for kids aged 4-7 to teach them about marine life. It revolves around first named Splash and his friend Bubbles.

It is also a musical genre. It has 35 TV episodes.

Super WHY!

An animated series that tell the story of 4 fairytale friends who go on wonderful magical adventures and became reading-powered superheroes.

It is an interactive show for children and was premiered on September 3, 2007. It has had 3 seasons and 103 episodes.

Rick Steve’s Europe

A beautifully pictured and taped travel documentary television series.

It is hosted by American travel writer and TV personality Rick Steve. He documents his journeys throughout Europe and creates a wonderful time for the viewers.

It has 9 successful seasons out and season 10 will begin airing in fall ’18.

Discovering Washington Through Lens

WETA-TV takes its viewers on a journey of the US capital: Washington.  A sort of travel documentary carried out with splendid photographs of the city and celebration of the landmarks it holds. It is an amazing source of learning and knowledge for someone who aspires to be a professional photographer, travel writer, or similar sorts.


A mother program by PBS revolving around the beauty of the world that is aired on WETA-TV.

A fascinating compilation of documentaries that captures the beauty of nature and ecosystems including animals’ lives.