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WFXV-TV New York - Channel 33

WFXV (Channel 33) is a Fox-affiliated television, licensed to Utica, New York. WFXV (Channel 33) is serving Central Upstate New York’s Mohawk Valley. Nexstar Media Group is the owner of the WFXV (Channel 33). The Channel founded on 26 April 1982, and the first show aired 31 years ago on 12 October 1986. The call letter signs of WFXV (Channel 33) means “Fox Utica” (Here U represents V). WPNY-LP is the sister channel of WFXV (Channel 33) affiliated with My Network TV and WUTR affiliated with ABC.

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Watch WFXV-TV: Channel 33 online streaming from Utica, New York. WFXV Fox 33 hosts local Utica News, weather and sports updates, lifestyle and entertainment programming for its viewers. Stream may take a moment to load.

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The construction permit of channel 33 granted in 1982 and officially started in 1983 with call letters WTUV. At that time, it affiliated with CBS but after some time network refused due to the low attraction of viewers. The channel affiliated with Fox on 12 October 1986, as well as WTUV, also considered itself independent station. Then in 1987, fox started its prime-time schedule. The call letters changed into WFXV on 1 February 1990. Quorum Broadcasting purchased WFPX and acquired by current owner Nexstar Media Group in 2003. Mission Broadcasting announced in December that now channel would deal by ABC.

Nexstar entered an affiliation with Katz Broadcasting for Bounce TV, escape, Laff, Grit on 15 June 2016. Now Nexstar Media is operated WFXV and WUTR sister channel.



WFXV (Channel 33) offers news, talk show, entertainment, and syndicated programming in which Modern Family, the Big Bang theory, Mom included. The news coverage of WFXV (Channel 33) started in September 2001. Some famous programming of WFXV (Channel 33) is given below in the table, Have a look at it.

Matter of Fact

Matter of Fact is a chat show in which host focuses on the political and socioeconomic status of United States. The interviews were done with decision makers and people who can help institute changes.

Bob’s Burgers

Bob’s Burgers is an animated sitcom, features on the Belcher family. It is one of top 60 greatest TV Cartoons all the time.

The Resident

It is a medical drama, focuses on the lives and duties of staff members.

Sr.No Programs Category
1 Mohawk valley Living Cultural Program
2 Teen kids News Children’s television series

News Program

3 Fox News Sunday Talk Show
4 Matter of Fact Chat Show
5 The OT Game show
6 Person of Interest Crime Drama Action
7 Bob’s Burgers Animated Sitcom, Musical
8 Major Crimes Crime Drama
9 Face the Truth Talk show
10 Last Man Standing Sitcom
11 The Real Talk Show
12 The Resident Medical Drama



                           Digital Availability
Main WFXV programming Channel 33.1
Escape Channel 33.2
Laff Channel 33.3