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Channel 29

WGTU owned by Cunningham Broadcasting and established on Aug 23, 1971 is an ABC affiliate broadcasting in Traverse City, MI while also serving the areas of Lower and eastern upper peninsulas of Michigan. Sinclair Broadcast Group operates the channel under an LMA which makes it a sister of NBC linked WPBN. However, Sinclair also owns the channel as a major stock holder of Cunningham. The sisters are headquartered on M-72 just west of Traverse City with transmitter facilities set up east of Kalkaska, Michigan.

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There is no separate website for WGU and both WBPN and the sister use one website. WGTQ is the full-power repeater of the channel with transmitter installed 30 miles south-southeast of the city near Goetzville in southeastern Chippewas County. The satellite is a straight simulcast of WGU. The main channel and its satellite are collectively branded as ABC 29&8 and serve the largest land market east of Mississippi River: 23 counties in the Northern Lower Peninsula three counties in Easter Upper Peninsula and pockets of Northern Ontario. Apart from its own digital signal, WGTU is also broadcast on WPBN’s second digital sub-channel in HD.

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Sister: WPBN

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WGTU started airing regular broadcasts on Aug 23, 1971 as an ABC affiliate in Northern Michigan. K55AW was added in mid-1975 on ch 55 to broadcast in Alpena area. WGTQ was added in Sault Ste. Area on Oct 29, 1976 as ABC was now fully available in Eastern Upper Peninsula. The channel was sold by Tom Scanlan to Max Media in 2003. The original studios of the channel were located on East Front Street in Downtown Traverse City. The digital signal of the channel and its satellite was upgraded in early Nov 2006 while its HD feed was available on Charter digital ch 788. Barrington which became the owner of the channel in 2008 sold its entire group Sinclair Broadcast Group on Feb 28, 2013; the deal was approved by Federal Communication Commission on Nov 25, 2013.

WGTU airs 5 hours and 25 minutes of locally produces news-bulletins on weekdays and has not news to offer on Sat and Sun to focus on syndicated programs which include The Dr. Oz Show, Judge Judy, Entertainment Tonight and 700 Club. ABC World News Tonight is the popular news-bulletin. You can watch WGTU online for latest news, weather and sports updates, Chime In and more. Follow the station on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Here is the website: https://upnorthlive.com/