WHUT TV Washington


WHUT TV is a public television station in the capital of United States, Washington D.C. It is a member of Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). WHUT TV is owned and operated by Howard University. The studios of the channel are located on the Howard University campus while the transmitter is in Tenley Town.

WHUT TV is a sister station to WHUR FM which is its radio partner. It is basically virtual channel 32 and digital channel 33, having sub channels WHUT-HD and WHUT-SD,

Its call letters are abbreviated from Howard University Television.

The official website for WHUT TV is www.whut.org/home

WHUT TV Live Stream Washington D.C

Here is the live streaming of this non-commercial channel WHUT TV from Washington, capital of the United States.

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The station was first premiered as WHMM TV in 1980. It was the first African-American owned and operated by Public Educational Station in the United States. About eight years later, the station was rebranded as WHUT TV after its owner. Since its founding, WHUT TV has won several awards including 11 Emmys and 8 Communication Excellence to Black Audiences Awards.

List of All Programs On WHUT TV

Little Women

It is a television historical period drama which is an adaptation of the 1868 novel Louisa May Alcott. This program is by BBC, written by Heidi Thomas. Little Women is set against the backdrop of Civil War, and it depicts the journey of sisters Jo, Meg, Beth and Amy March from childhood to adulthood. A work of 2007, it has only one season out with only three episodes, and it is a favorite among women.

Independent Lens

A weekly television series aired on PBS which presents documentary films made by independent filmmakers. The series was premiered in 1999. It has 15 seasons by now, with 405 episodes. With exciting and stunning works from independent filmmakers, this series has earned 6 Primetime Emmy Awards.

Democracy Now!

An hour-long news program for American TV, radio, and internet. It is hosted by journalists Amy Goodman, Juan Gonzalez, and Nermeen Shaikh and is broadcasted by over 1400 radio and television shows.

Democracy Now! is a hub for news reports, investigate journalism, interviews and political commentary. It also includes social movements and their documentary and humanitarian efforts.

American Masters

A television documentary series which presents outstanding and inspiring profiles of culture artists from America.

They include talented writers, musicians, visual and performing artists, and filmmakers. It is a motivational and informative show. It was debuted in 1986.

Front and Center

A show dedicated to music, musicians, and singers. It showcases beautiful music from the new generation of musicians.

It features Grammy Award winners, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, etc. They perform music in a lovely way. The program is filmed in high definition. Front and Center has been entertaining music lovers and enthusiasts since 2012 and is in its seventh season.


A program that highlights and documents culture and art throughout the world, and its revolution through time.

A documentary series represented by three experts who travel, analyze and discuss the factors of cultural development in many different places and countries.