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WKTV (Channel 2) is NBC/CBS affiliated television, licensed to Utica, New York. WKTV (Channel 2) is serving Central Upstate New York’s Mohawk Valley. Heartland Media is the owner of the WKTV (Channel 2) and its studios located on Smith Hill Road in Deerfield. The Channel 2 founded on 1 December 1949 68 years ago. The call letter signs of WKTV means Kallet Television that is the original owner of channel 2. WKTV (Channel 2) has four digital channels which have different affiliations like Channel 2.1 is affiliated with NBC, Channel 2.2 with CBS, 2.3 with CW and 2.4 with MeTV.

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2.1: “Where the News Comes First”


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WKTV (channel 2) launched on 1 December 1949, and 93rd  television of the United States. Copper City Broadcasting was the owner of the station at that time. It was the only station in  Utica, so it affiliated with four networks in which DuMont, ABC, NBC, and CBS included. After Affiliation with DuMont was dissolved in 1956 and also lost CBS after that.

Kallet sold out stations WKTV and WKAL to Paul Harron and Gordon Grey, in 1958. In 1961, Mid New York Broadcasting purchased WKAL from Harron/Gray Group, but Harron Refused to give WKTV. Harron Group made a chain of the cable system in coming years in the United States and company famous as Harron Communications Corporation.

After affiliation of WUTR withABC, WKTV affiliated with NBC. Harron sold out their controlled on WKTV to Smith Broadcasting in 1992. WKTV made partner with  WB  in September 1998 after the death of Smith Broadcasting founder in 2003.

Smith Media shows interest to Heartland Media for selling WKTV on 1 October 2013. Heartland Media is the new company owned by founder Gray Television. So the deal was completed in March 2014, and after eight months a digital subchannel launched on 10 November as MeTV.

WKTV announced that it would launch CBS affiliation on 26 October 2015. Now WKTV (channel 2) is working as four digital subchannels with four affiliated networks.


WKTV (Channel 2) is providing News, Entertainment, Talk Show, Drama Series and all kind of Programs.

Early Today

Early Today is the early Morning news program, features national and international news stories, entertainment and financial stories, whether forecasts etc.

Last Call With Carson Daly

It is a Late Night Talk Show hosted by Carson Daly. It is half an hour program which has several segments such as interviews with actors, filmmakers and other artists etc.

Sr.No Program Category
1 This is Us Drama Series
2 The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Talk Show
3 Early Today Early Morning News Program
4 Last Call With Carson Daly Late Night TV Program
5 Today With Kathie Lee and Hoda Talk Show
6 Megyn Kelly Today Talk Show
7 Days of Our Lives Soap Opera
8 Wheel of Fortune Game Show
9 Chicago Med Medical Drama Series
10 Superstore Sitcom




                   Digital Availability
Main Programming Of WKTV/ NBC Channel 2.1
CBS Channel 2.2
Central New York’s CW 11 Channel 2.3
MeTV Channel 2.4