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TCT - WNYB Buffalo, New York - Channel 26

WNYB-TV (Channel 26) is a station provides programs nationally and internationally. WNYB based in Jamestown city of New York and TRi state Christian Television owned it. Two stations WBNF-CD (channel 15) in Buffalo and WNIB-LD (channel 42) in Rochester have rebroadcast the signal of WNYB. The first show of the station aired 52 years ago in 1966. WNYP-TV is the former call-signs of channel 26 from 1966 to 1969 and WTJA-TV call signs from 1988 to 1991.

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In 1966, channel 26 affiliated with WNYP-TV and Lowell W was the shareholder of this channel at this time who also owned Jamestown’s WXYJ Radio. It was the first American station which affiliates with Canadian network CTV. After legal threatened of Buffalo big 3 U.S Network in 1969, WNYB cut back from its local newscasts. The station sold to WENY-TV after this dark time. The Channel 26 allocation is used mostly in the 1970s and 1980s by the translator of WNED-TV. It was only survival station of WNED-TV translator, and all others were closed in 2012. On 24 September 1988 WNYB (channel 26) signed under WTJA-TV. Channel 26 started broadcast local programming of Buffalo but, station once again went into the dark in 1991. Grant Broadcasting purchased in 1995 and negotiated with TRi-State Christian Television. Then Channel 26 became one of the powerful and longest transmission towers of highest hills in Western New York. On 10 January 1997, Tri-State took licensed of channel 26 and WNYB made call letters of the new channel. TCT made an announcement in June 2018 to closed local programming.



WNYB-TV affiliated with TCT network and TCT offers three kinds of the channel in which TCT-HD, TCT, SD and TCT kids included.

TCT-SD provides the variety of programs and nationally and internationally teaching, church services and other programs included.

TCT-HD broadcast programs across the TCT network and its 70 % programming not available on other networks.

The 3rd TCT network is for kids and offers a family-friendly environment. Bonanza, I love Lucy, and Ozzie & Harriet are the most exclusive program of TCT Kids.

Here below in the table, a list is given of famous TCT programs.


Sr. No Programming Category
1 CBN News Watch News Program
2 The 700 Club Christian News and Talk Show
3 By God’s Grace Film
4 TCT Today Kids Series
5 Enjoying Everyday Life TV Series
6 Faith In History Exploring show in christian traditions
7 Ask the pastor Question/Answer Series
8 Andrew Wommack: Gospel Truth Talk Show on Christian religion
9 I love Lucy Sitcom
10 Ozzie & Harriet Sitcom
11 Another Sommertime Adventure Adventure Series
12 Bonanza Talk Show



                  Digital Availability
WNYB-SD Channel 26.1
WNYB-HD Channel 26.2
Light TV Channel 26.3