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Fox Syracuse, New York

WNYS-TV (Channel 43) is MyNetwork affiliated television, licensed to Syracuse, New York. Syracuse Broadcasting, Inc. is the owner of the WNYS-TV (Channel 43), and Northwest Broadcasting operates this channel. The Channel 43 founded on 9 September 1987 and the first show of WNYS-TV aired 29 years ago in October 1989. The call letter meaning of WNYS-TV (Channel43) We’re New York Syracuse. WNYS-TV and WSYT share studios which located on James Street NY/290 in Syracuse near Northeast section. It has three sister channels such as WSYT, WICZ-TV, WBPN-LP.

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WNYS-TV (Channel 43) started as an independent station in October 1989 with the call letter WSNR-TV. In 1994, the call letters changed into WNYS-TV. The station worked as the independent station from 1989 to 1995. After that, it affiliated with UPN on 16 January 1995 and remained till 2001. In 2001, The WB carried programming of WNYS-TV (channel 43) and remained till 2006. WNYS-TV (channel 43) affiliated with MyNetwork TV on 5 September 2006. The digital broadcasting of WNYS-TV and WSYT began on 17 February 2009 with other Sinclair stations of New York. Due to the Federal Communications Commission ownership rules, the Sinclair announced the sale of WSYT and chose to keep Barrington’s WSTM-TV in Syracuse.

WSYT was want to sold Bristlecone Broadcasting Company which owned by Brian Brady. The other assets of the company are WICZ-TV and WBPN-LP in Binghamton and this transaction completed in November. Sinclair continued the operation of WSYT and WNYS-TV for six months until May 2014. The second digital subchannel started transmission in January 2015 through GetTV.

RKM Media sold out the license of WNYS-TV to Syracuse Broadcasting on 20 November 2015. The sale was originated for $3.1 million to buy WNYS-TV in 2005. So on 10 August 2015, the station sold out to Syracuse Broadcasting for $250,000.



WNYS-TV (Channel 43) provides all kind of programming in New York.  It offers Crime drama, talk shows, Sitcom, Comedy Drama, Entertainment programs for viewers. A list of programming is given below in the table, Have a look at it.

Dish Nation

It is a comedy program, features celebrity news and humorous commentary on pop culture.

Right this Minute

Right this minute, a news magazine show produced by Magic Dust Television. This program premises both serious and offbeat viral videos as well as interviews and stories behind the viral videos.


Sr. No Programs Category
1 Rizzoli & Isles Police Procedural, Crime Drama
2 2 Broke Girls Sitcom
3 Bob’s Burgers Animated Sitcom, Musical
4 The Real Talk Show
5 Dish Nation Comedy, Satire
6 Right This Minute Viral Video Magazine
7 Celebrity Page Entertainment and celebrity/news Magazine
8 Maury Tabloid Talk Show
9 The Verdict With Judge Hatchett Reality Court Show
10 How I Met Your Mother Sitcom, Romantic Comedy



                 Digital Availability
Main WNYS-TV Programming Channel 43.1
Get TV Channel 43.2