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WTBY-TV (Channel 54) is TBN affiliated television station, licensed to Jersey City, New Jersey. Trinity Broadcasting Network is the owner of the station and also operated by it. The studios located on Union Square in Manhattan. It founded in 1981, and the first show of WTBY-TV aired 37 years ago on 6 April 1981. The call letter meaning of TBY is “Trinity Broadcasting New York”.

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Watch WTBY-TV live streaming from Jersey City, New Jersey. TBN: Trinity Broadcasting Network station is the channel of People, Praise, Prayer, Charity, Huckabee Show and more. Stream may take a moment to load.

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The station began broadcasting as WFTI-TV on 6 April 1981. Family Television, Inc. was owned the station at this time. After Irving Trust, the station faced financial problems in 1982 and the same year in June Family Television sold to Trinity Broadcasting Network. The clear signal of WTBY-TV only can be seen in the northern fringes of the area.



WTBY-TV has carried local and public affairs programming. A list of programming given below in the table, have a look at it. Some programs have described here

The 700 Club

The 700 club is the Christian talk show, features daily news, live guests, music, Christian ministry etc. It premises major world news which reporting by CBN News team.


The full name of this talk show is Praise the God. TBN president and his wife are the primary hosts of the show. It features the interviews with celebrities and discussed faith-based topics and their personal life with these faiths.

It’s Supernatural with Sid Roth

It is a talk show in which Sid explores testimonies the people who have experienced healing and encounters with God.

Adventure with God

It is a travel adventure series in which Darren Wilson travel the world to explore nature.

In the beginning

It is a sitcom, features conservative father Cleary and liberal sister Agnes running a mission together in Baltimore.

Sr. No Programs Category
1 Adventures With God Adventure series
2 Huckabee Political commentary program
3 Praise Christian talk show
4 Smoketown TV Series
5 The Spirit Contemporary Life TV Series
6 It’s Supernatural With Sid Roth Talk Show
7 Surrounded With Michael W. Smith Contemporary Christian music
8 The 700 Club Christian News/talk
9 Life Today With James Robison TV Series
10 In the Beginning Sitcom
11 Overload Game Show



                Digital Availability
Main WTBY-TV programming Channel 54.1
Hillsong Channel Channel 54.2
Enlace Channel 54.3
TBN Salsa Channel 54.4