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WPBS New York

 WPBS-DT is Public Broadcasting service affiliated station, licensed to Watertown, New York. The channel also operates satellite station with call letters WNPI-DT, based to Norwood. The WPBS station founded in 1971 and first air show aired on WPBS in August 1971 and on WNPI in 1971. It is the border station, serving both countries in USA and Canada. St. Lawrence Valley Educational Television Council Inc. is the owner of the station. The call letters meaning of WPBS is “Watertown Public Broadcasting services”, and WNPI means “Watertown Norwood Public Instructions”.

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Watch WPBS-DT live stream form Watertown, New York. WPBS-DT is a rich source of local content, kid’s programs, educational and entertaining programs. Wait as the stream loads.

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           “The Two-nation station”


“Your two-nation station”


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In 1958 St. Lawrence Educational Television Council was established. Educational Television Programming affiliated with CBS with WWNY-TV. The station started services as the independent station in 1971 as WNPE-TV and satellite station WNPI signed after few months. In 1978, WNPE shifted to a new building in Watertown. It became one of the successful PBS stations in America due to a big crowd of Canadian viewership. The call letters WPBS purchased from a small radio station and changed on 1 September 1998. The call signs show the affiliation as well as programming of the station. Roger cable is the main cable provider in Ottawa made an announcement that WPBS replaced by Detroit’s WTVS. A campaign ‘Save WPBS in Ottawa’ was started against Rogers for saving WPBS which later renamed as “Ottawa Loves WPBS”. So after this pressure, Rogers reconsider its decision. After that decision made that WPBS would offer fiber optic feed for Rogers which provide transmission in Ontario, London.



WPBS is offering both national and local programming. The most famous programs of WPBS are given below in the table. Have a look on the table.

Whiz Quiz

Whiz Quiz is a local program in which almost 30 high schools invited for participating in quiz style tournament.


Many Fishing series also broadcast by WPBS.

Sr. No Programs Category
1 Camp Willi Animated TV series
2 Rod & Reel Streamside National program
3 The New Fly Fisher Fishing show
4 Whiz Quiz Game show Educational
5 Artist’s World Sketches Sketching show
6 From A Country Garden Wedding Flower program
7 Cottage Country Comedy Horror film
8 Journeys Of An Artist Talk Show
9 America’s Test Kitchen Cooking show
10 Breaking Big Award Show
11 Energy efficiency: Enhancing Home Performance Home decorated program
12 Bill Saiff’s Rod & Reel Fishing Series



                   Digital Availability
Main Programming/PBS


Channel 16.1


Channel 16.2


Channel 16.3
PBS Kids


Channel 16.4
                           Satellite Availability
WNPI-DT Channel 18.1
WNPI-DT2 Channel 18.2
WNPI-DT3 Channel 18.3
WNPI-DT4 Channel 18.4