WSKG-TV Binghamton

Channel 46 New York

WSKG-TV (Channel 46) is Public Broadcasting authorized television station based in Binghamton, New York. Before, Affiliation with PBS, it was connected with NET from 1968 to 1970. The Broadcasts aired on UHF channel 42 on Ingraham Hilltown by WSKG Public Telecommunications Council, Inc, owner of the channel. It established in 1968, and first show aired 50 years ago on 12 May 1968. The sister channel names of WSKG-TV are WSKG-FM and WSQX-FM.

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Watch WSKG-TV: Channel 46 online streaming from Binghamton, New York. Local news and arts station braodcasts NPR radio and PBS TV across the area of Binghamton and other parts of New York. Stream may take a moment to load.

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Brian Frey was a filmmaker, and his son said “I want to become a storyteller like my father.” who grow up by hearing the stories of his father. Frey’s family struggles, depression and cope out with these problems are amazing. Brian Frey died in his son’s childhood. So he had begun stories for him through common connection WSKG-TV.



WSKG-TV is an educational services, television and radio stations platform. WSKG-TV cover all national and local news, history, science, arts, and all other program categories. The station’s services are excellent and innovative from the 21st century. Here the list is given of WSKG’s programming.

Some of the most popular programming descriptions of WSKG’s given here.

American Masters

American Masters is a Biographies series of WSKG-TV. It tells the story of writers, musicians, filmmaker, dramatists, artists and all other personalities who have an indelible impression on United States’ culture.


Frontline is an investigational documentary in which concentrate on all controversial subjects. Mostly political issues discussed in this news exploring show.


Nova is a Science television series in which interviews conducted with scientists who covered areas during their research.

Great Performance

Great Performance is an art series which has completed 46 seasons 2018.

Good to know

Good to know is a kid fundamental skill program in which children learn and solve mathematical questions.


Sr. No Program Category
1 American Masters Biographies series about American’s artists
2 Antiques Roadshow TV Show
3 Frontline Investigate Journalist Documentaries
4 Great Performance Performing Arts
5 Nature Natural Science
6 Victoria Romantic TV Series
7 Brew Beats Music Show
8 Expressions Music And Art Series
9 Good to know Kids Learning Series
10 Let’s polka Music Show
11 Haunted history History Series
12 WSKG Science Technolog program show
13 PBS News Hour News program
14 Poldark Masterpiece Love Story
15 Nova Science TV Series



                    Digital Availability
Main WSKG programming Channel 46.1
PBS Kids Channel 46.2
Create Channel 46.3
World Channel 46.4


Satellite Streaming (Streaming of WSKG-TV)

The satellite streaming WSKA (channel 30) began in New York’s city Corning in 2006. WSKG infobox is the sister channel of the satellite station. It is also affiliated with PBS and owned by WSKG public Telecommunication Council.


           Sub channels of Satellite Streaming
Main WSKA-TV programming Channel 30.1
PBS Kids Channel 30.2
Create Channel 30.3
World Channel 30.4