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WUTV Buffalo, New York - Channel 29

WUTV (Channel 29) is a news carried channel, affiliated with Fox television, and licensed to Buffalo, New York. Sinclair broadcast group owned this network with My Network TV. WUTV has served as Fox network since February 2008 in the Cayman Islands. The First time show was aired 47 years ago on 21 December 1970. WNYO-TV and WGRZ are sister channels of WUTV (channel 29).

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Watch Fox 29 WUTV Buffalo: Channel 29 live stream from Buffalo, New York. Get Buffalo local News, Weather, sports updates and community interest feeds with a lot of breaking news. Stream may take a moment to load.

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In first Air Show of WUTV cartoons, sitcoms, classic movies and Dramas included. At that time, the channel was owned by Ultravision Company which on the basis WUTV call signs originated. In 1977, Whitehaven Entertainment Corporation purchased the station from Ultravision Broadcasting. WUTV launched as Fox Network on 9 October 1986 and only late night programming was aired five days a week. After that Fox signed with WNYB-TV and became an independent station.  Secondary Affiliation of WUTV was done with United Paramount Network on 16 January 1995. Sinclair and Fox’s group agreed to give Five years extension with Sinclair’s 19 Fox channel including WUTV on 15 May 2012 and they carried the programming till 2017.



WUTV (Channel 29) is carried a news and variety programs by Fox Television. Some of the famous programs descriptions given here.

Daily Mail TV 

Daily Mail TV is a news Magazine program hosted by Jesse Palmer. He brings best stories of politics, crime, entertainment and breaking news.

Family Feud

Family Feud is the famous game show between two parties who compete for each other and win cash prizes.

Love Can’t cost a thing

Love can’t cost a thing is a teen Comedy film by Troy Beyer. It is the remake of film Can’t Buy Me, Love.

Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace

Fox News Sunday is a news Talk show hosted by Chris Wallace. The first Show of this program aired on 28 April 1996.


Sr. No Programs Category
1 Daily Mail TV Daily News magazine
2 Anger Management Sitcom
3 The Steve Wilkos Show Tabloid Talk Show
4 Seinfold “The Keys” Sitcom
5 Family Feud Game Show
6 Teen Kids News Children’s television series

News Program

7 Love Can’t cost a thing Teen Comedy Film
8 FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace Talk Show
9 Forensic Files Documentary Series
10 The Simpsons Sitcom
11 2 On your Side Daybreak News Show
12 Paid Programming Comedy Parody
13 The Big Bang Theory Sitcom



On 1 June 2017, Second and third subchannel was announced as TBD channel 29.2 and 29.3 with Charge!.

                   Digital Availability
WUTV-HD Channel 29.1
TBD Channel 29.2
Charge Channel 29.3