WYPX-TV Amsterdam

ION Television - WYPX-TV Amsterdam, NY - Channel 55

WYPX-TV (Channel 55) is the Ion Television established in 1987 by Ion Media Networks. The station’s Headquarters are located Charles Boulevard in Guilderland and transmitter on New York State Route 30 near. WODC was the first call signs of WYPX in 1987-1998. WYPX-TV began services with digital transmission, and the first show was aired 30 years ago, on 14 December 1987. WYPX (channel 55) gives most interesting criminal investigation programs and drama series.

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Watch WYPX-TV – Channel 55 online from Amsterdam, New York. brings to its viewers the shows like Law & Order: SVU, NCIS: Los Angeles, Blue Bloods, Private Eyes, Criminal Minds, QUBO Kids Corner and others. Stream may take a moment to load.

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In the beginning, WYPX broadcast first show on the air in 1987 under call letters WOCD. At that time Amsterdam Broadcasting and Christian Community television was the owner of the station WYPX. The station was sold out to Tennessee TV executive Wade Griffith for $1.8 million, when CCT faced some financial issues. The name, WNSI was kept by Griffith. On 31 August 1998, WYPX became a charter station and added affiliation with UPN in 1998. WYPX (Channel 55) signed an agreement with Hubbard Broadcasting in 2001 after disappearing of UPN programming in 1999. WYPX-TV aired replays of WNYT’s news and public affairs transmission. In June 2005, WYPX was relaunched as Independent television.



WYPX-TV is a full-service television station, have featured shows and many others. The most famous programs of the WYPX are Law and Order, Blue Blood, Private Eyes, NCIS Los Angeles, and Criminal Minds. Some of best programming list of WYPX is given below in the table.

Law And Order

Law and Order is a Police procedural drama series. It shows the process of determining the guilt or innocence. This series has two parts: the first hour is the investigation and the second is the persecution of the defendant.

Blood Blues

Blood Blues is an American Police drama series in which investigated a group of culprit NYPD group.

Private Eyes

These Investigated series have featured two strong and forever characters. The challenge to each other in everyday life.

NCIS: Los Angeles

NCIS. Los Angeles is a high stakes TV series which arrest the dangerous criminals which are the threats to national security.

Criminal Minds

In this drama series, police follow FBI profilers who do training for getting minds of psychopathic criminals.

Sr. NO Programming Category
1 Law and Order Police Procedural Drama Series
2 Blue Blood Crime Drama Series
3 Private Eyes Comedy Series
4 NCIS: Los Angeles TV Series
5 Criminal Minds Drama Series
6 Leverage TV Series
7 PSYCH Comedy Series
8 Saving Hope Drama Series
9 In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley TV Series
10 David Jeremiah Talk Show
11 Thought the bible with Les Feldick TV Series



                    Digital Channel
Ion Television Channel 55.1
Qubo Channel 55.2
Ion Life Channel 55.3
Ion shop Channel 55.4
QVC Channel 55.5
HSN Channel 55.6
                    Cable and Satellite Channel
4/*704 Bennington, VT Channel 55 ( Direct TV)
—— Channel 50 ( Dish TV)