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    WPXJ-TV Channel 51 Buffalo, New York - ION Television
    Channel 49 New York
    WUTV Buffalo, New York - Channel 29

    WUTV Buffalo

    WUTV (Channel 29) is a news carried channel, affiliated with Fox television, and licensed to Buffalo, New York. Sinclair broadcast group owned this network...
    CW23: WIVB/WNLO-TV New York

    CW23 WNLO-TV Buffalo

    CW23 WNLO-TV (Channel 23) is CW affiliated station by Nexstar Media Group. It based in Buffalo, New York and studios located on Elmwood Avenue...
    Channel 17 New York - WNED-TV

    WNED-TV Buffalo

    WNED-TV New York (channel 17) is a public media resource affiliated with PBS and based in Buffalo, New York. The station established in 1959...
    WKBW-TV Buffalo, NY

    WKBW-TV Buffalo

    WKBW-TV Buffalo (Channel 7) is news and general broadcasting station established in 1958. It is ABC affiliated network and owned by E. W. Scripps...
    News 4 Buffalo - Channel 4

    WIVB-TV Buffalo

    WIVB-TV (Channel 4) or News 4 Buffalo is news and general channel, established in 1948 by Butler family. It is CBS affiliated television based...
    WGRZ Buffalo, New York - Channel 2

    WGRZ New York

    WGRZ New York - Channel 2 is an NBC affiliated news television licensed to Buffalo, New York. WGRZ-TV run by Tegna Inc and studio...