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    Channel 20 Hawaii
    Channel 26 - TBN Hawaii
    KHON2 Hawaii

    KHON2 News Honolulu

    KHON2 News launched on Dec 15, 1952 is a station affiliated with Fox and owned by Nexstar Media Group. It is headquartered at Haiwaiki...
    Channel 4 Hawaii

    KITV Honolulu

    KITV is an ABC affiliate operating in Honolulu and owned by SJL Broadcasting. The station first aired on April 16, 1954 and currently broadcasts...
    KWHE-TV Hawaii - Channel 14

    KWHE TV Honolulu

    KWHE TV launched on Aug 23, 1986 is a religious station owned by Family Broadcasting Corporation. Its studios are located on Bishop Street in...
    KHNL-TV Hawaii - Channel 13

    KHNL Honolulu

    KHNL (Channel 13) established 56 years ago on July 4, 1962 is an NBC affiliate since 1996 and owned by Raycom Media. Rayocm also...