KAAH-TV Honolulu

Channel 26 - TBN Hawaii

KAAH-TV is a TBN affiliate launched on Dec 23, 1982 and owed by Trinity Broadcasting Network, Inc. Studios of the Television are located on Smith Street in downtown, Honolulu. Oceanic Spectrum @ Channel 26 carries the channel as cable carrier in most parts of the Hawaii with Big Island being the only exception. Transmitter is installed at Palehua Ridge.

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KAAH first signed on air on Dec 23, 1982 as KSHO-TV as Hawaii’s first UHF band broadcaster. It operated as a general entertainment independent station originally with content such as sitcoms, movies, dramas, and cartoons included in its lineups. Asian content featured on weekends. Business news borrowed from Financial News Network was also carried by KAAH alongside ethnic programs fed by International Television Network. It also agreed to carry NBC, CBS and ABC programs not carried by KITV, KHON and KGMB.

The channel 26 would face a tough competition from KIKU which had recently dropped the Japanese and Asian content considerably to focus more on the English language general entertainment programs. KIKU only kept some of its Asian programming to air it on Sundays in a move to be more competitive with KSHO. The competition got sterner as four other stations also included first-run programming to their formats; the channels included KHAI-TV, KBFD, KWHE and KFVE. Call signs were changed to KMGT in 1986 and between somewhere 1986 and 1990, it was branded as K-Magic. It used to broadcast Lakers game featuring Magic Johnson.

KAAH started to drop entertainment program in 1990 to air Home Shopping Network content and religious programming produced by TBN; the calls were eventually changed to KOBN in 1992. In the next year the channel was sold out to All American Broadcasting. The present calls: KAAH were incorporated in 1996 and it disaffiliated with Home Shopping Network to become a full-time TBN affiliate. In 2003, Trinity Broadcasting Network made the purchase of KAAH.

In 1990s KAAH operated a rebroadcaster KLEI which in now a full-power station and serves an affiliate of Telemundo. It also operated a low-power translator K34HC in Hilo which was shut down by TBN on April 13, 2010 due to lack of funds.