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KHON2 News launched on Dec 15, 1952 is a station affiliated with Fox and owned by Nexstar Media Group. It is headquartered at Haiwaiki Tower on Piikoi located in downtown Honolulu. Transmitter of KHON-TV is installed at the Century Center Condominium business complex near Kalakaua Avenure. Oceanic Spectrum is the cable carrier of TV in Oahu on Channel 3 and Big Island on Channel 2. Hawaiian Telcom also broadcasts the Honolulu-based TV station.

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KHON-TV owns two broadcast relay stations namely, KHAW-TV and KAII-TV, to go beyond metropolitan Honolulu.


Slogan: Working for Hawaii


Brief History

Launched on Dec 15, 1952 as an NBC affiliate with calls KONA-TV and was available on Channel 11. While having a primary affiliation with NBC, it also had secondary affiliation with DuMont until its eventual demise in 1955. The second oldest channel of the Hawaii was owned by Herbert Richards and originally broadcasted on Channel 9. KONA changed its position form channel 11 to 2 on Oct 16, 1955. Channel 11 is now occupied by PZBS affiliate KHET. Pacific and Southern Broadcasting acquired the station in 1956 and the satellite KAII signed on air in 1958 followed by KHAW in 1961. The currents call letters KHON replaced KONA in 1965. In 1985 Burnham Broadcasting purchased the stations with KHAW left to be acquired outright by Burnham in the following year.


Fox Affiliate Fox

Fox broadcasting and Savoy Pictures set up SF Broadcasting in March 1994. The group (SF Broadcasting) acquired multiple channels including KHON on Aug 25, 1994. KHON became a Fox affiliate on Jan 1, 1996 and was rebranded as Fox 2 while KHNL @ Channel 13 filled the space as NBC affiliate. As a Fox affiliate, it at the start used to air children’s programming and aired it until Nov 2008 when 4Kids Entertainment stopped producing the content. KHON started to give more attention to local news and developed it over the time. Today, the station is ranked the highest-rated Fox affiliate across US. Despite being a Fox affiliate it alongside Miami based WSVN ditches the brand Standardization of the network by not mentioning in its logo.


2000 onwards (Sales and Purchases)

Montecito Broadcast Group on Jan 27, 2006 acquired the station on Jan 27, 2006 as Emmis Communications decided to release its 16 TV assets to focus on its radio niche.

Montecito confirmed its acquisition the station to LIN Media on May 7, 2012 as a part of acquiring New Vision assets; the deal was later approved by FCC on Oct 2, 2012 and closed 10 days later on Oct 12.

Media General entered the scene on Mach 21, 2014 by announcing its buying o LIN Media facilities in a merger worth USD 1.6 billion; the deal closed on Dec 19, 2014.

Nexstar Broadcasting on Jan 17, 2017 initiated its business in Hawaii by the acquisition of Media General and its stations.



KHON despite having a strong news identity also broadcasts children programming and content for the community.



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2.2 The CW