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Channel 63 California

KBEH 63 launched on Aug 17, 1985 is a religious television service licensed to Garden Grove. Owned by Meruelo Broadcasting, KWHY-TV@Ch22 is the sister of the station broadcasting on Virtual Channel 63 and UHF Digital Channel 42. The Channel 42 is shared by the two siblings sharing duopoly under the channel sharing agreement. Both siblings are headquartered in Wet Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles while transmitters are installed at Mt. Harvard.

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KBEH went on air on Aug 17, 1985 as an independent service; KTIE were the originally allotted call letters and the channel was licensed to Oxnard. It was the first channel to serve in the Ventura County since KKOG-TV went off air in 1969. The channel was sold by its original owner Don Sterling to billionaire Meshulam Riklis in 1988 and the calls were changed to KADY-TV under the new owner.

However, the station remained unprofitable and was sold out to its former GM John Huddy who worked as the entertainment critic for The Miami Herald and executive producer of Tomorrow. While the Huddy put his experience to improve the channel but couldn’t’ have the capital to infuse in the dying asset. Under his ownership on Jan 16, 1995 KADY became the affiliate of UPN and he also did his work to duplicate the signal to Central Coast. However, Huddy couldn’t save himself from committing financial blunders and ended in bad debts payable to the area business community including USD 4m to the original owner Don Sterling and another major amount to landlord of the building KADY was using; he ended bankrupt in July 1996 and the property was seized and confiscated.

Under the supervision of court with a trustee named John Hyde, the channel was sold to Biltmore Broadcasting in Nov 1997. In 2002, KADY disaffiliated with UPN and became the independent service. It then rebroadcasted local news-bulletins from Santa Barbara-based KEYT-TV which was affiliated with ABC.

The station was acquired by Bela, LLC from Blitmore in 2004. With the change in ownership the calls of the station were also changed and it was then registered as KBEH in May 2004. The Spanish language independent station started broadcasting on channel 63 as Oxnard-Los Angeles and also started to receive the local cable coverage. A year later, upon the launch of MTV Tr3s, the station became a full power affiliate of the service. Bela, LLC sold the channel to Hero Broadcasting in Jan 2008.



It in Jan 2012 started serving CNN Latino in its programming for Hispanics. The branded programming block of eight hours included news, talk, documentary, lifestyle and entertainment content for Latinos. Hero Broadcasting reached on a channel sharing agreement with KWHY-TV in April 2017 and also reached over an agreement to sell the license of the channel to Meruelo Television. KBEH started producing kids’ programming and classical movies in routine hosted by its sibling KWHY. Reino Aminal was the new addition in Children’s programming and classical Mexican moves were also introduced at the same time. KBEH on May 7, 2018 introduced a big chunk of Spanish programming borrowed from multiple Latin American countries but replaced it with religious content on Aug 9 2018.

Repeater: KSBT-LD operating in Santa Barabara serves as the repeater of the station.

Here is the website: www.canal63.com/