KCWV-TV Duluth


KCWV-TV is a Duluth, Minnesota based channel affiliated with AMGTV. Channel 27 airs from KDLH tower on Duluth’s Observation Hill. Owned by Flinn Broadcasting Corporation, 27.1 AMGTV is the sub-channel operated by the service.

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Federal Communications Commission gave George S. Flinn, III a construction permit for the digital-station for UHF: Ch 27 on Dec 6, 2006. It hit the waves on Nov 30, 2009. The founder and owner Flinn, a Memphis-based businessman held WPXX and WPXL in Memphis and New Orleans, both Ion Television affiliates until 2007. At its onset, the channel was affiliated with My Family TV however, a year after it got linked with Legacy TV, a religious network. The Christian network at the end of 2012 was renamed as The Walk TV. In Oct 2013, the service switched its affiliation to AMGTV, a generalist family TV network. KCWV went off air on Sep 17, 2014 for a couple of months due to maintenance work at its tower. On Sep 21, 2015, the station made its return to the airs and is operating to the date.


KCWV broadcasts, The Jet Set throughout the week, California Life, The Tech Show, Judge Faith, The Dr. Randi Show, Business First Am, Leverage, Pawn Stars, Forensic Files, Future Phenoms and more in Spanish and English. Follow the station on Facebook and Twitter. Here is the website: www.amgtv.tv/