KIIO 10 Los Angeles

KIIO-LD California

KIIO-LD founded in 2008 is a Los Angeles-based Armenian language station that operates in Greater Los Angeles area. It is headquartered in Flint Peack Glendale, California. Owned by Bagrat Sargsyan and Vaagn Sarkissian (USATV LLC), the station as of Dec 1, 2016 dropped most of its content from its lineup and has only one subchannel now.

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The company also has ownership to USATV LLC, BEST TV and USArmenia Television Network.



The content hosted by the station includes news and informational programs, kids programming, TV series, entertainment and talk shows and more.

USArmenia is the top rated Armenian Television Network that is available on both Standard and High definitions. HD Version is available on Ch 10.1 while SD operates on Ch 10.2. Best TV is the second in terms of ratings and operates on Ch 10.3 in Los Angles. KIIO-LD can be watched online. Here is the website:


Three Lives


Out of Game


Yere 1


American Story


Cool Serial


Live Journal




One Film Story


3D Love




City of Angles


The Voice of America


Hello Baby!


32 Teeth


Hard Life


The Sinners


The Chosen Ones






Address; Bagrat Sargsyan


229 N Central ave,

Glendale, CA 91203.


Tel: 818 955 9933