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Canal 22 Los Angeles, California

Canal 22 Los Angeles aka KWHY-TV, is a Spanish language independent station owned by Meruelo Broadcasting and is sharing duopoly with KBEH; both sisters share Channel 42 as part of channel sharing agreement. The studios on West Pico Boulevard are shared by the stations, the transmitter is installed at Mt. Harvard. KWHY’s signal is rebroadcast by K46GF and K47GD-D in Santa Maria and San Luis Obispo.

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Watch KWHY-TV live stream from Los Angeles, California. Canal 22 Los Angeles is a pioneer in local news, and community targeted Spanish programming. Wait as the stream loads.

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Slogan: La voz de tu ciudad


Early History

The dial: Channel 22 was first used by KIBC in 1954 but the channel could barely take a test transmission. The license was acquired by another party in 1962 and it once again hit the airs as KIIX to target African-American audiences before eventually shutting down on Sep 22, 1964.

The service made a return on March 21, 1965 as KPOL-TV, a non-affiliated station broadcasting general entertainment programming. It would air old movies and syndicated programming at that time. In 1966, KPOL was acquired by Thomas S. Bunn to who then changed its calls to KWHY-TV and it was took over by Coast Television Corporation. It partnered with Quotron to launch the first business news service.

Later the programming was changed to ethnic content in Korean, Chinese, Japanese and other Asian languages. There was a weekly dance program hosted by Dick “Huggy Boy” Hugg and was very popular among Southern California Chicano community. FCC granted KWHY its first subscription television license in 1978 and that was the time when most of the ethnic content was replaced with pay-TV service SelecTV. KWHY was sold to Harriscope of Los Angeles, Inc. in 1982. Following the entry of Cable Television in Los Angeles, the Quotron’s technology was obsoleted thus requiring channel a complete overhauling of graphics. It was renamed “The Business Channel”. KWHY at that time was also facing completion from Financial News Network affiliated KSCI. It then became the first television in US to hold an automated commercial playback machine and optic disc player.

Switch to Spanish

Upon the merger of Financial News Network with CNBC in May 1991, the channel changed its branding to 22 Business News under protection of Federal Communications Commission. It then became Business News 22: BN 22, before becoming an internet station BizNews 1 that aired over KJLA while KWHY went full-time Spanish somewhere in 2001. KJLA went off air in the meantime.

Duopolies granted by Federal Communications Commission in 2001 allowed Telemundo to make purchase of KWHY, however, it still worked as an independent station. Following NBC’s purchase of KVEA and KWHY in 2002, the operations of the siblings were integrated with KNBC under one roof at NBC Studios Complex in Burbank.

 MundoMax Affiliation

KWHY became a charter affiliate of MundoMax on Aug 13, 2012. It was rebranded as MundoMax 22 on July 27, 2015.

Return to Independent Identity

Following the departure of MundoMax on Dec 1, 2016, KWHY-TV started carrying Spanish-language programming independently. It would then air a mix of Spanish language music and entertainment content by broadcasting content such as Cine a la Cama, Cuanto Cuesta el Show, Cineteca 22, Fiesta de Comediantes, Sala de Justicia, Operación Repo and Cine Mexicano. Spanish language news bulletins produced by Milenio Television in Monterey, Mexico also became part of the programming.

It ceased it news operation on Aug 31, 2015 when RCN took over the operations however, resumed newscasts on March 13, 2017 when it started receiving bulletins from Monterey-based Grupo Multimedios networks and couple others.



La Afición Sala De Justicia Milenio Noticias
Operación REPO Reino Animal



Otto Padron (President) Carolina Garcia Tomas Trujillo Rosa Gonzalez Luis Aldana
Ray Delgado David Gray Richard Inouye Irma Barrios (VP) Raul Diaz



Address: 4975 W. Pico BLVD
Los Angeles, CA 90019

Tel: +1 (213) 344 3700