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WEAR is a Pensacola based station that transmits on virtual channel 3 and is owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group. The ABC affiliate serves the Mobile area in Alabama and shares duopoly with Fort Walton Beach station WFGX affiliated with MyNetwork TV. Apart from WEAR, Sinclair operates Mobile-based WPMI-TV and Pensacola-based WJTC under LMA. The studios of the station are located in unincorporated Escambia County area in Florida which it shares with WFGX. The transmitter is installed in Baldwin County in east of Rosinton. Cox Mediacom and Comcast Xfinity carry the Ch 3 on cable.

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Watch WEAR ABC 3 News streaming online from Pensacola, Florida. News, Weather and Sports updates are offered by ABC affiliate in Pensacola. Stream may take a moment to load.

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WEAR hit the waves on Jan 13, 1954 under the ownership of Mel Wheeler and Charles Smith who also founded WEAR 1230 AM. Upon its launch, the channel became a CBS affiliate having a secondary ABC affiliation. Shortly after the inception of the channel 3, FCC unified Pensacola and Mobile into a single market. After the sign up of WKRG as a CBS affiliate WEAR became an exclusive ABC affiliate. Rollins Telecasting in 1959 became the new owner of the station and sold which in 1987 merged with Heritage Broadcasting to form Heritage Media.

Heritage stations including WEAR were put on sale and were purchased by Sinclair Broadcast Group in Oct 1997. A part of Heritage assets merged with Heritage Corporation. The sale also supported WALA-TV to retain its Fox affiliation. Sinclair in the later part of 2006 started negotiations with Mediacom over retransmission fees to carry the channel in Florida side of the market via cable. The negotiations ended without any settlement and consequently Medicom removed WEAR and other Sinclair assets from its service on Jan 6, 2007. However, the issue was resolved on Feb 2, 2007 after the parties reached an agreement. After the expiration of carriage deal on Jan 1, 2010, Sinclair signed a temporary extension with Mediacom to avoid getting pulled from its systems and to air Bowl Championship Series College Football matches. Sinclair eventually signed another year-long-deal with the cable carrier to keep WEAR in the market until 2011. Newport Television in 2012 sold its five stations to Sinclair which can’t buy all because of FCC regulations after already owning WEAR and WFGX in the market. In result, the two channels WJTC and WPMI went under the ownership of Deerfield Media which would then be controlled by Sinclair under LMAs.


Currently the Channel 3 hosts a 36.5 hours of local newscasts each week out of which 6.5 are spread on weekdays and 2 hours each for Saturday and Sunday. It also comes up with 2.5 hours of weekly news bulletins for the sister WFGX. Syndicated programs aired by the channel include The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Rachel Ray and Extra. Audiences can watch WEAR TV online for latest local news, weather and Sports updates, features, entertainment feeds and more. Stay connected with WEAR on Facebook, Twitter and Insta. Here is the website: www.weartv.com/