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WGVU launched on Dec 17, 1972 is a PBS affiliate active in Grand Rapids, Michigan. WGVK is a full-time broadcast relay station of the television operating on virtual ch 52. The duo has offices and studios located in the Meijer Public Broadcast Center in the Eberhard Center on the SVSU Pew Campus in downtown Grand Rapids. The transmitter of the station is set up on Allendale while WGVK’s transmitter is fixed in Kalamazoo’s Westwood neighborhood.

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The channel went on air on Dec 17, 1972 as WGVC-TV under the ownership of Grand Valley State College. Ch 35 at its onset broadcasted from the basement of Manitou Hall on GVSC’s Allendale campus. The signal of the channel was weak in southern portion of the vast West Michigan market. It must confirm its signal to protest fellow PBS member channel WNIT in South Bend Indiana and the channel was also available on cable.

Akin to Area’s primary ABC affiliate, WZZM problems which it faced because of WTVG in Toledo, Ohio. To make up for this shortfall in coverage, Grand Valley State in 1984 launched WGVK as a satellite and in 1986 the channel shifted to its current studio facility at the Meijer Public Broadcast Center. In 1987 the calls were changed to WGVU and University Status was given to the Grand Valley State.

Former WGVC, produces a number of locally produced programs which include PBS, American Public Television and National Educational Telecommunications Association programs also available on the sister radio stations WGVU-FM which is carried on its 5th digital sub-channel. Ask The, Grand Valley State Sports Report, West Michigan Week, WGVU Newsmakers, WGVU Community Connection, WGVU Family Health Matters and LZ Michigan are the notable programs produced by the television. Audiences can watch the channel online for educational and kids programming news, and informational programs and documentaries. Follow WGVU on Facebook and Twitter. Here is the website: www.wgvu.org/television/