WJRT-TV is a Gray Television launched on Oct 12, 1958 and serving in Flint/Tri-Cities television market since its establishment. The studios of the channel are located on Lapper Road in Flint with offices and a secondary room available in Saginaw. Its transmitter is installed on Burt Road in Albee Township, Michigan. Comcast Xfinity and Charter Spectrum carry the ABC affiliate on ch 7 and ch 11.

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Slogan: This is Home

Sister: WTVG

Website: www.abc12.com/



Goodwill Stations on May 5, 1952 applied four stations licenses in Detroit. It eventually won the license in 1958 beating out two competitor including Butterfield Theaters, Inc. and Trebit Corp. The transmitter of the channel was initially intended to be fixed in Independence Township, Michigan but shifted to St. Charles Township in southwestern Saginaw County later on which is also the current location of the transmitter.

WJRT hit the waves on Oct 12, 1958 as an ABC affiliate. It at its onset would broadcast 55 hours of exclusive non-network content and produced shows like Folkswingers and Mr. Magic. The former WTAC-TV studios and offices were put in use by Goodwill Stations in 1954.

In 1964, Goodwill was acquired by Capital Cities Broadcasting which later spun off to Poole Broadcasting. It was the first Michigan television outside Detroit to produce color broadcasts. Both Poole Broadcasting and WJRT were acquired by Knight Ridder in 1978. The eight broadcast assets of the company were put on market and the channels were eventually bought in 1989 by SJL Broadcast Management.

It became the Mid-Michigan’s top-rated station in part because of its ABC content rating and improvements. It was usually placed only second to WNEM in late 80 and early 90s. In 1995, WJRT was purchased by ABC Owned Television Stations from SJL Broadcast Management. On May 1, 2002, ABC12 initiated a digital broadcast on Ch 36 and a construction permit was awarded in June 208 for post-transition transmitters. ABC News Now was launched in 2004. It along with other company assets launched Live Well Network on April 27, 2009.

2nd SJL Ownership

On Nov 3, 2010, SJL revealed dan agreement with Disney to get back WJRT and WTVG; the deal consummate don April 1, 2011. The company on July 24, 2014 announced its plans to release both WTVG and WJRT to Gray Television for USD 128mn. The deal concluded on Sep 15, 2014. MeTV, Heroes & Icons and Start TV were added by Gray on Oct 17, 2014 and Aug 30, 2019. You can watch the channel online and follow it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Here is the website: http://www.abc12.com/