WUSA 9 Washington, DC

CBS Channel 9 - District of Columbia

WUSA 9 is a CBS affiliate owned by Tegna Inc. that airs from Broadcast House on Wisconsin Avenue in Tenleytown neighborhood. Launched on Jan 16, 1949, it is the largest CBS affiliate by market size. Houston-based KHOU is the sister of the flagship television property of Tegna Inc. in the capital city. W50BD-D installed in Moorefield, West Virginia is the repeater of the station that maintains a channel sharing agreement with WJAL operating in Silver Spring. Comcast Xfinity, RCN and Cox Communications are the cable carriers of the service.

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Slogan: Real Matters

Sub-Channels: 9.1: WUSA-HD

9.2: Justice

Website: www.wusa9.com


Early History

WOIC hit the waves on Jan 11, 1949 and initiated fulltime operations on Jan 16, 1949. The channel having fourth longest running-tenure in the Washington market was originally owned by Bamberger Broadcasting Service, a division of R. H. Macy and Company. Nine days after its launch the channel aired its first televised American Presidential inaugural address, given by President Truman. It replaced WMAL-TV as a CBS affiliate. At the beginning of 1950, Bamberger Broadcasting changed its name to General Teleradio. A JV consisting of The Washington Post and CBS acquire WOIC in June 1950 from Bamberger and its parent R. H. Macy and Company. Under the new ownership WTOP-TV were the newly incorporated calls to match its identity with WTOP 1500 AM. In July 1950, it became the maiden television station in the market to host colored broadcasts. The studios were relocated to Broadcast House at 40th Brandywine Streets NW in 1954. The newly inaugurated facility was the first of its kind in US as a unified radio and TV facility at that time.

WTOP was sold by CBS to Washington Post in Oct 1954 in compliance with Federal Communications Commission seven-station-per-group ownership clause. Following Post’s merger with WTOP stations the company was renamed as Post Stations, Inc. It sold WMBR in 1958 which was renamed as WJXT later.

1978 and Onwards History

WTOP-TV was swapped with Evening News Association for WWJ-TV on June 26, 1978. The call sign was changed to WDVM-TV on the same day. Evening News Association was purchased by Gannet Company in 1985. Under Gannet calls were changed to WUSA to align its identity with Gannet-held USA Today in the capital city of Washington. The calls previously resided in Minneapolis-based KARE.

In Jan 1992, the channel shifted to 41000 Wisconsin Avenue NW in Jan 1992. Gannet disintegrated into two companies on June 29, 2015 separating its printing and broadcasting operations; the broadcast business was shifted under the umbrella of Tegna, Inc.


WUSA 9 Programming

The syndicated programs showcased by the station include Entertainment Tonight, Right, This Minute, Dr. Phil and Inside Edition among others. The news operations of the service consists of 33 hours and 25 minutes of locally produced newscasts weekly. The local news from the capital, weather alerts, sports updates, community events, political talk, health and lifestyle programming and more can be accessed online. Follow WUSA 9 on Facebook and Twitter. Here is the website: https://www.wusa9.com/


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