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WWCW Lynchburg launched on March 23, 1986 is a Lynchburg, Virginia station owned by Nexstar Media Group. It shares duopoly with Fox affiliate WFXR. The two sisters are located at the Valleypointe Office Park however, WWCW has its separate sales office on Airport Road in Campbell County. Its transmitter is located on Thaxton Mountain in unincorporated area of Bedford County. The channel can be watched on most of the cable systems on Ch 5.

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Sisters: WFXR



The original location of the channel was set as an independent service in 1984; it broadcasted entertainment format. Carney Communications, the original owner wasn’t able to run the service because of financial issues and sold it to Jefferson-Pilot Communications in Sep 1985. After getting rid of engineering issues, the new owner launched the channel as WJPR on March 23, 1986. Lynchburg’s first independent entertainment channel broadcasted cartoons, religious programs, movies and different off-network content. It became Fox’s charter affiliate on Oct 6, 1986. A month later WVFT was launched as an independent religious service on Ch 27. More general entertainment programming was introduced by WFXR in 1987.

WFVT changed its call letters to WFXR-TV in Oct 1993. WJPR and WFXR were then merged together and signed secondary affiliation with UPN for a short period of time before losing it to WDRG. WFXR then picked The WB as its secondary affiliate. The calls were changed to WBVA-TV in September 1998 and then WCW5-TV in June 2006 before eventually becoming WWCW in June 2006.

Nexstar Broadcasting Group announced to acquire the channel and sister WFXR on Nov 6, 2013; the sale was approved on Nov 3, 2014 by Federal Communications Commission and completed on December 1, 2014. It closed its analog broadcasts on June 12, 2009 to become a digital service.


Since the acquisition by Nexstar, the station is rebroadcasting 10:00 pm news-bulletin of WFXR. Newscast was originally hosted by WSLS, an NBC affiliate in the area until the end of 2015 when WFXR took over the service. Here is the website: www.wfxrtv.com