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KCTS is a PBS affiliated owned by Cascade Public Media serving Seattle, Washington and Tacoma. Launched on Dec 7, 1954, the studios of the channel are located at the northeast corner of Seattle Center. Its transmitter is located on Capitol Hill in Seattle. It operates a semi-satellite KVYE in Yakima; the facility serves the western portion of Tri-Cities market. The satellite has its own studios on second street in Yakima with transmitter installed on Ahtanum Ridge.

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Slogan: InquisiTV

Sisters: KYVE

Website: www.kcts9.org


KCTS was launched on Dec 7, 1954 from the campus of the University of Washington; the equipment was donated by Dorothy Bullitt, the owner of KING-TV. KUOW-FM was the sister service run by University of Washington and established two years ago. It initially supplied instructional programs in Washington’s Schools. NET Educational TV programs were also shared with the schools and teaching staff. The viewership outside the schools was not much and programming remained black-and-white until mid-70s. NET was reformed as Public Broadcasting Service: PBS in 1970. It then started producing a wide range of general public including British content. Following a big funding drive, it was able to relocated its offices to Seattle Center Campus in Oct 1986. The license of the channel was spun off and it became a community service in 1987. It is available in southwestern British Columbia on cable systems as well as across other parts of Canada via Shaw Direct and Bell TV. The funding for the KCTS is also obtained from far in the North from Canadian audiences. KCTS in Jan 2016 was renamed as Cascade Public Media. The semi-satellite: KYVE is active since Nov 1, 1962 and simulcasts the programming of KCTS. The two sisters serve 2.4m people across US and Canada.


Bill Nye the Science Guy, The Miracle Planet and Students by Nature, Chefs A’ Field and KVYE Apple Bowl are some of the notable programs available on the channel. KCTS Plus is the cable Television service operating on Seattle area cable systems. You can watch the station online and follow it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Here is the website: https://kcts9.org/