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    KIRO-TV Seattle

    KIRO-TV established in April 1955 is a CBS affiliate based in Seattle and serves Tacoma. Owned by Cox Media Group, the studios of the...

    KCPQ-TV Seattle

    KCPQ-TV launched on Aug 2, 1953 is a Seattle based service available in Seattle, Washington. Licensed to Tacoma, the channel is owned by Tribune...

    KSTW Seattle

    KSTW owned by CBS Corporation is a news station operating in Seattle, Washington licensed to Tacoma. Launched on March 1, 1953 the studios of...

    KCTS-TV Seattle

    KCTS is a PBS affiliated owned by Cascade Public Media serving Seattle, Washington and Tacoma. Launched on Dec 7, 1954, the studios of the...

    KFFV-TV Seattle

    KFFV-TV owned by Weigel Broadcasting is a channel licensed to Seattle, Washington and serves Tacoma. It is linked with MeTV, Heroes & Icons, Decades...

    KUNS-TV Seattle

    KUNS-TV is a Univision affiliated service operating in Seattle and Tacoma, Washington. Licensed to Bellevue, the channel is owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group and...

    KWDK Seattle

    KWDK is a Tacoma based service operated by Daystar and serving area of Seattle. The channel is owned by Community Television Educators, Inc., a...

    KZJO-TV Seattle

    KZJO-TV launched on June 22, 1985 is a MyNetwork affiliate broadcasting in Seattle, Washington. Owned by Tribune Broadcasting, a division of Tribune Media Company,...

    KONG-TV Seattle

    KONG-TV is a Seattle based independent station launched on July 8, 1997 and owned by Tegna Inc. It shares duopoly with KING-TV affiliated with...