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KWDK is a Tacoma based service operated by Daystar and serving area of Seattle. The channel is owned by Community Television Educators, Inc., a part of Word of God Fellowship, Inc. The transmitter and studios of the channel are located on West Tiger Mountain near Issaquah. It is available on Comcast Xfinity digital on Cable.

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A construction permit was acquired by Christopher J. Racine on July 17, 1992 for KWDK. However, the unused license of the service was given to Educational TV, Inc on Oct 6, 1999. The channel went on air on Sep 6, 2000 to broadcast Daystar network. It was the first broadcaster in the Tacoma market to air on Ch 56. Clover Channel 56 slot was previously used by a Public Broadcasting Service member in 70s but it abandoned its position to shift on Ch 13 and changed its calls form KPEC to KCPQ in Tacoma. The channel is still operating with latter calls and is a Fox affiliate owned by Tribune Broadcasting. It shifted form analog 56 to digital Ch 42 in April 2006 and became the first digital station in Seattle-Tacoma market. You can watch Daystar TV online for news and info, prayers, read the Bible in Your Language, Shop and Know Jesus. Follow KWDK-DT on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Here is the website:


Tel: 1 800 329 0029